Personalized healing plans that work

Overcome chronic health problems with results based medicine to discover a lasting way to have
less pain, more freedom and a better life.

The smarter way for people with chronic health conditions to restore their quality of life

Find the true cause

Instead of just addressing symptoms, find and tackle the underlying cause of your health problems. This way, you get better & stay better, without relying on drugs or invasive intervention.


Move forward with confidence

You are incredibly unique, and your plan for health should be too. We actively work with your distinct challenges to create a path to health that is gene-tically personalized to meet & exceed your goals.


Regain your life

You’re not designed to be perpetually ill. Take your life off pause and get back to pursuing the vision you had for yourself.

See how our clients have transformed their lives


Severe Concussion

Stephanie Mills


Lyme Co-infection

Victor Pidkowich


Chemo Side Effects

Victoria Ironside

The path to a better life is clear

  1. Schedule a discovery call
    and talk to a trained health adviser

  2. Complete an assessment
    to identify the true problem

  3. Follow a custom healing protocol
    and start feeling better