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Neurvana Health Calgary Team

Neurvana Health is a results oriented alternative medical clinic specializing in functional medicine. It was founded by Corey Deacon, Liz Deacon and Carly Deacon in 2016. We maintain two offices. The main office is located in Calgary, AB and the second office is located in Red Deer, AB. The owners of Neurvana Health are trained in Functional Medicine, Bioindividual Nutrition, Psychology, Neurofeedback and more. Additional staff are on hand and trained to the highest degree. Each individual specializes in one core area so to ensure deep attention to detail is applied to each facet of what makes up chronic conditions and how to resolve them.

At our core is Functional Medicine. It is also known as evidence based medicine and results based medicine. It is a frame work that allows us to better find and address causality of ill health, regardless of condition.

We use an integrated approach including comprehensive laboratory testing, nutritional supplementation, personalized optimization, and nutritional/lifestyle changes designed to empower our clients to take complete control of their health and wellness.

To achieve optimal, life-long wellness, we need to find and fix the problem, not just cover up the symptoms. Each and every person is incredibly unique. What works well for some, will not work at all for others. One size does not fit all when it comes to health.

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