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Join our team of collaborative and caring individuals who are on a mission to provide every person in North America with access to immediate answers and proven solutions to overcome their complex health problems.

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Every single day is something new. We’re talking about being involved with the team, making the adjustments necessary in order to improve that team and even individually. And I think that innovative aspect and innovative drive to be better, to improve yourself, not just individually, but a team as well is what I believe is one of the main cores of Neurvana that I appreciate the most.
Octavio Salazar
Neurofeedback Tech
I would never work for a company who didn’t do their best for the individuals who they see on a day to day. I look for supportive care and those personal relationships that are just so precious. And if you want that, then Neurvana does it right.
Melissa Thompson
Patient Care Coordinator
You should work here because everyone here is rooting for you and they want you to succeed. They want to watch you learn and grow, and they want to be able to support that. It’s a really easy environment to learn in and grow in, and you always feel welcomed. You always feel a part of what’s going on. And, just the excitement of what we’re doing and where we’re headed. I think there’s a lot that Neurvana has to offer.
Emily Gretton
Neurofeedback Tech