Contracted Facebook Ads Specialist

Are you an upbeat Facebook Media Buyer that loves the feeling of achieving very profitable ROAS? If so, you may be a great fit to work as an extension of the Neurvana™ team as a contract Facebook Ads Specialist.

We believe wholeheartedly that the drudgery of weeding through medical articles for hours on end is one of the single biggest barriers to people finding true lasting relief from complex chronic problems — we know this because we’ve lived it. Finding a clear and actionable solution should not be as painful as the condition itself.

That’s why we’re on a mission to retire those dusty old medical articles and make understanding chronic health problems easy and enjoyable through the use of video and social media. By taking complex topics and distilling them down into easy to understand, bite sized videos and posts that fit into people’s busy lives we’re saving our audience hundreds of hours in research and trial and error.

When dealing with a chronic condition, time becomes exceptionally more valuable. And there is nothing more precious than time when dealing with a complex medical condition.To be successful as a Facebook Ads Specialist with Neurvana™, vendors must be professional, polite, and attentive while also being accurate.

They should always be prepared and responsive, willing to adapt when faced with challenging scenarios.

If you feel that describes you and that you can get behind impacting people’s lives in a positive way, then we encourage you to keep reading.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Adopting and deploying Curts Maly’s BELT Method
  • Observing reach of content posts created by your team in Facebook page insights
  • Turning engaging posts into specific ad types in the TOFU and MOFU following the BELT Method
  • Creating custom audiences for which to launch retargeting campaigns from
  • Instructing content team to produce specific BOFU assets such as images, graphics, videos to use on campaigns to convert ready to buy prospects
  • Creating saved audiences, custom audiences and look a like audiences
  • Setting up ad accounts for new practitioners (clients)
  • Setting up FB pixels, custom conversions and tracking of campaign success
  • Tracking hours through our time tracking software (ClickUp)
  • Work with your team within our project management software (don’t worry, its very light weight and fun to use – ClickUp)
  • Setting up tracking and analytics reports such as SegMetrics, DataStudio and Facebook’s own built in analytics (we are open to whatever tools for analytics you prefer)

You’re someone with:

  • A passion for digital advertising and using the power of influence to positively impact people’s lives
  • A strong understanding of Facebook Ads Manager, but not set on any one method or strategy
  • An open mind and desire to learn
  • Ability to learn quickly and put new principals into action
  • A comfort with alternative health care (We are a group of integrative medical practitioners that work only from evidence based scientific research, using the right tool for the right job, legally, ethically, and morally.)
  • A Friendly, engaging and caring attitude
  • Critical thinking, Procedural Skills, Quality Focus
  • Positive mindset
  • Great at communicating with people
  • High level of computer proficiency
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and to function effectively without continuous supervision
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Possesses trustworthiness
  • The desire to be in it for the long haul with opportunity to move up – looking for jobs is exhausting to you, growing with a team of familiar faces is exciting to you.

What to expect:

  • Never have to create content your self
  • No copywriting or designing needed. Your team will take care of all content – you just need to be able to spot what types of content are needed in the BOFU and instruct your team to create it as well as communicate to team members other opportunities to create elsewhere in the funnel (meaning if you love the technical side of advertising more than the creative side, this is for you)
  • 100% remote work
  • Be apart of a team of digital content producers that are fun, friendly and love what they do
  • Exclusively work within Facebook and Instagram — we don’t believe in spreading mental bandwidth across multiple environments, we want you to consistently enter deep work mode and be an expert at what you do
  • You’ll be using the BELT Method by Curt Maly 99% of the time of which you will receive training on
  • Access to ongoing education and opportunities to learn from the best in the industry
  • Work with an assortment of Doctors and medical professionals, 3 Registered Naturopathic Doctors, 1 Functional Medicine Practitioner and 1 trauma coach (one step removed from a psychologist) to start. Each focus on their own area of specialty. For example: Dr. Nelson focusses on pain management and one of his recent topics was about how Cortisone therapy works and how new solutions like Prolotherapy stack up against it. Dr. Best focusses on integrative cancer care and one of his recent topics was how Chemotherapy works and how it fits into an integrative approach to overcoming Cancer. Dr. Smith focusses on chronic female hormone imbalance and a recent video she did was on what your periods can tell you about your hormones.
  • B2C work for individual practitioners and clinics, most often in larger city centers and occasionally on a national level where certain medical professionals’ governing laws permit
  • We are always mindful of work load and will never force accounts onto you unless you can confidently deliver results for them


  • Staying up to date with changes to Facebook platform – if you are a Samurai then Facebook is your sword which you become intimately familiar with
  • Taking full ownership of all advertising functions
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy ROAS on total account(s) spend
  • Maintaining proper tracking data through proper use of the pixel placement as well as utilizing the Conversion API (We have a system to make this easy to use without the heavy use of custom programming)
  • Meeting campaign deadlines
  • Communicating with team members in a professional and responsive manner
  • Spotting trends and acting on opportunities without instruction
  • Testing new campaigns and aiming for better outcomes
  • No need to communicate with the client unless you want to.
  • Send reports to Account Manager condensing what you have done each month on each account and interpreting the results achieved
  • Operating within the Facebook TOS and Privacy Policy at all times
  • Meeting regularly with the Account Manager and Content Architect to share ideas and coordinate campaigns – we’re big believers in effective feedback loops to consistently dig deeper and strive towards mastery, vs spreading out.


  • Can do attitude
  • Willingness to learn
  • Readily available to do your best work 30 hours per week
  • Work on US time zones
  • Proven ability to work within a team
  • Excellent written and communicable English
  • Complete Curt Maly’s Fast Track BELT Method Training
  • Great understanding of value based marketing and copywriting — copywriting may not be your thing, but a solid understanding of what makes for engaging content is a must
  • Your own computer, webcam and a strong reliable internet connection
  • Signed NDA since some of the materials you will be working on contain personal health information and proprietary techniques
  • Proven track record of being willing to go above and beyond and follow instructions to a T
  • At least 1 year experience running Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • Proven ability to setup ad accounts, audiences, custom conversions, and analytics
  • A solid footing in TOFU, MOFU, BOFU
  • Experience managing or working with a team
  • Experience running profitable ad campaigns
  • Thorough understanding of Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager
  • Intimate understanding of the Facebook TOS and Privacy Policy

Assets but not required

  • Experience managing or working with a team remotely
  • Familiar with tools such as ClickUp, Google Drive, and Slack
  • Facebook certified
  • Interest in stepping into a leadership role after a few month to manage the entire Facebook and Instagram team responsible for shipping profitable campaigns
  • BELT Training from Curt Maly, cXL Institute, Ad Venture Media (Isac Rudansky), or Smart Marketer training
  • Experience with SegMetrics or similar ROI based tracking tools/methods


  • 30/hrs per week
  • $5600 USD /mo. 
  • Payment of invoices within 7 days of receiving them
  • Jump in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company with sights set on international expansion; with ample opportunity to grow

About Neurvana™ Health

We’re a rapidly growing alternative health care clinic in North America. What we offer our patients is an opportunity to truly solve their health challenges and restore their lives. We do this through 2 practices, Functional/Naturopathic Medicine and Neuroscience. It’s here at the crossroads of these worlds that we have been able to provide a quality of care that is unmatched by most other providers and become an authority on solving chronic health problems while attracting clients from around the world. It’s what we call Results Based Medicine™

We are a practical and sensible group of innovators with expertise in many areas. We believe that healthcare is a team sport and that the only way to deliver the best quality care is by aligning with high quality A-players.

Are you driven to join our A-team?

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