What Is Heavy Metal Chelation

— BY Dr Alexandra Smith | Reading Time: 2 min

Dr. Smith sits behind her desk, showing test results to a patient

If you have quite a bit of a heavy metal burden, it can affect your hormones and how you secrete them.

What is Heavy Metal Chelation?

Heavy metal chelation is a therapy that we use in order to take heavy metals that have potentially stayed in the body after exposure, bind them and get them out of the body. It’s something that you take either orally or intravenously that helps to bind up those heavy metals and actually get them out of the body. Heavy metals when we’re first exposed to them are in the bloodstream.

If we’ve been exposed years ago to a heavy metal, they often sit in tissues systemically, primarily fat cells. So sometimes when we have an overload of heavy metals, we can actually see weight gain as one of the symptoms. With heavy metal chelation testing, we actually use chelating agents in order to look at what your baseline is for heavy metal exposure. And then we use the same chelating agents for treatment if it’s needed.

With heavy metal chelation testing, it establishes if there is some kind of heavy metal burden in the body. If you’ve had mercury amalgams in the past, for example, if you’ve been exposed to well water as a kid, that can sometimes be a heavy metal exposure.

Why It’s Important

If you have quite a bit of a heavy metal burden, it can affect our hormones and how we secrete our hormones because it ultimately can increase inflammation. When there’s inflammation in the body, we do not make our hormones properly and in terms of specific hormones that it can really change.

The thyroid seems to have an affinity for different heavy metals in that thyroid function can actually be affected by long-term heavy metal exposure. So again, if we treat that underlying heavy metal exposure, we decrease the amount of heavy metal burden. We can start to see that the thyroid can actually rebalance and secrete the hormones properly.

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