Event on Concussions: Take Back Your Life After a Concussion

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Concussion seminar at Calgary College

UPDATE: The event has now past and the recording of the event can be viewed below.

Have you been struggling to feel like yourself again after a concussion? You’re not alone. Each day, 452 Canadians suffer a serious brain injury—that’s one trauma every three minutes. 

We urge you to reclaim your life after a concussion, and we’re here to show you how. Join Neurvana Health co-founder and guest speaker Doctor Ty Wilson from 1 to 5 p.m. on September 28, 2019 for the Take Back Your Life After a Concussion Event at Calgary College.

Is This Event Right for You?

Many people are surprised to learn that a concussion can leave behind lasting side effects that greatly impact your daily life. In addition to headaches or drowsiness, a concussion can result in unforeseen symptoms, including sleep disorders. 

If you’ve been struggling with concussion effects such as—

  • Brain fog
  • Memory problems
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Lack of coordination
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Depression 

—then the Take Back Your Life After a Concussion Event is right for you.

What Will Be Shared at the Event?

The upcoming event on Saturday, September 28 will feature Corey Deacon, a highly respected Neuroscientist and co-founder of Neurvana Health, as well as guest speaker Dr. Ty Wilson. Dr. Wilson is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor currently taking Functional Neurology training at the world-renowned Carrick Institute, and he is eager to share these concussion tips with you.

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 2601 at Calgary College in Alberta, Corey and Dr. Wilson will be revealing how to get to the root cause of your unwanted concussion side effects. Together, they will be sharing the latest findings, tools, and techniques that will help you avoid medications and return to a happy, healthy life—naturally. 

Just like you, Corey has dealt with the unpleasant effects of a concussion. He has been disappointed by the lack of information surrounding natural healing and weary of the narrow view of most general practitioners. The purpose of the Take Back Your Life After a Concussion Event isn’t to try and sell you some crazy product or course, but rather share how to get to the root of your concussion symptoms and how to resolve them without the use of prescription drugs.

Will We See You There?

With methods rooted in scientific studies and evidence-based treatment, Corey and Dr. Wilson have helped many people lead more fulfilling lives. Will you be next on that list? There are only 50 seats available to the Take Back Your Life After a Concussion Event and tickets are selling fast. Once they’re gone, that’s it. 

We encourage you to not miss this chance to learn more about reclaiming your life after a concussion. Buy your tickets today to the Take Back Your Life After a Concussion Event—you won’t regret taking the first step to a happy and healthy you.