Get started with a complementary 30 minute phone consultation with a trained health adviser

We recognize that the law of diminishing returns is real. That’s why all our practitioners, technicians and health advisers have and enforce a maximum number of clients they can work with at any given time. For this reason, the button to book a consult may be removed without notice. Please read the items below before continuing to schedule your call.

This call is…

  • To get a better understanding of whether or not we are the best people for your goals
  • For those that understand there is a paid price to action to getting better in terms of money, time, and mental and emotional resources.
  • For people with a
    “do what ever it takes” frame of mind
  • For the individual that is in need of professional health services

This call is not…

  • To receive a diagnosis
  • For people that are not commited to their health
  • For individuals that are looking for a quick fix
  • For calling on behalf of a friend or relative, unless unable to physically call

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