Get started with a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with a trained patient care coordinator

This call is to determine if you are a good candidate for what we offer before you spend any time or money. If we can help you we’ll get you booked in for an assessment. If we think we’re not the best choice to help you with your condition we’ll refer you to someone we think that can. At the very least you’ll walk away with actionable insight on how you can feel better. Sound fair?

This call is…

  • To get a better understanding of whether or not we are the best people for your goals
  • For those that understand there is a paid price to action to getting better in terms of money, time, mental and emotional resources.
  • For people with a
    “do what ever it takes” frame of mind
  • For the individual that is in need of professional health services

This call is not…

  • To receive a diagnosis
  • For people that are not committed to their health
  • For individuals that are looking for a quick fix
  • For calling on behalf of a friend or relative, unless unable to physically call

NOTE: We recognize that the law of diminishing returns exists and for that reason the button to reserve your call may be taken down at anytime without notice in order to allow our team to focus on helping our existing patients.

I have read the information above, I fully understand, and I’m ready to book my call.