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Lifestyle and Your Hormones

With diet and lifestyle recommendations there are some that are helpful for overall hormone health, and then there are others that we use when we start to get really specific once we’ve looked at comprehensive hormone testing. Diet The first of my top recommendations for diet, which is important for promoting liver detoxification of our […]

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Stressed man in his living room holding his head

Has a Concussion Put an End to Your Social Life?

Mingling at the water cooler with coworkers or grabbing a coffee with friends shouldn’t seem like difficult tasks. But to someone who recently suffered a concussion, even the most simple social interactions can become incredibly overwhelming. Suddenly, even standing in the same room as other people can make you feel unsafe… and that’s because your […]

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How Your Environment Affects Cancer Treatment

Your home deserves to be your safe space throughout oncology treatment. But at a time when the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has identified more than 28 known environmental carcinogens across the ten provinces, it’s important to understand how your normal surroundings play a role in your cancer care. Could your home have a negative impact […]

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Corey Deacon at his office

Decipher Brain Waves with Dr. Daniel Amen and qEEG

Of the 79 organs in the human body, could the brain be the key to total wellness? I certainly think so — and so does Dr. Daniel Amen, a physician and adult and child psychiatrist who has honed the world’s largest database of functional brain scans to create personalized treatment plans for a patient’s every […]

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Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine Voted Best of Calgary

Here at Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine, you’d be hard-pressed to find a patient or practitioner who didn’t think our clinic was the best in Calgary. Fortunately, the independent reviewers at The Best Calgary agree! Neurvana has been voted one of the clinics with the best naturopath in Calgary, and we couldn’t be more proud. Check out […]

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The Surprising Link Between Concussions, Hormones, and Mood Swings

Would you believe that one small bump to the head could feel like an entire asteroid has crashed into your universe? Something as common as a concussion can not only cause endless physical symptoms but also a variety of unexpected emotional changes. From unexplained anxiety to sudden intrusive thoughts, there’s a surprising link between concussions, […]

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Affectionate mom struggling against cancer hugging daughter in kitchen apron

How Nutrition Plays a Part in Cancer Care

Anywhere you look on the internet, you’ll find a ton of misinformation regarding nutrition and cancer care. While some falsely claim that a diet of rare mythical fruits can miraculously cure cancer, others state that data-backed nutritional changes can’t make any difference in your outcomes with the disease. Fortunately, research has conclusively proven that the […]

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Dr. Nelson explaining results to a patient

How Long Should You Stop Your Favourite Activities After an Injury?

From a slight tingle in your shoulder blade to a dull throb under your kneecap, chances are, you’ve become familiar with the first signs of an injury. And whether you’re an avid athlete or simply prefer an active lifestyle, you figure that an injury can only mean one thing: time away from your favourite activities… […]

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The Role of Exercise in Holistic Cancer Care

A common question I receive from cancer patients is, “How does fitness influence my outcomes?” The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exercise in cancer care — but there is a method to build in healthy, sustainable, reasonable amounts of exercise through all phases of the cancer journey. The key is to have […]

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The Curious History of CIRS Explained

All complex illnesses seem to share quite a curious history, and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is no exception. Though CIRS recently made headlines as the condition that took Chicago Blackhawks captain, Jonathan Toews, out of the 2020 NHL season, the history of CIRS extends much deeper than that — all the way to a […]

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Benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy for Cancer Treatment 

Cancer treatment is much more than the pamphlets you read or doctors’ offices you visit. It’s the physical pain that radiates through your body at all times of the day. It’s the sleepless nights that are worsened by mental and emotional stress. Cancer treatment is far from easy — and it’s okay to acknowledge how […]

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Female bare feet on weight scale

Can Hormones Affect Your Weight?

You’ve eaten healthy, exercised, and maintained a consistent water intake, but the number on the scale still hasn’t shifted, at least not as much as you’d expected it to. Sound familiar? At Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine, I work with plenty of women who struggle with similar stubborn weight gain. There are a ton of reasons why […]

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A bottle of essential oil with fresh mistletoe twigs

What is Mistletoe Therapy in Cancer Care?

Mistletoe may be symbolic of holiday cheer, but now, it’s giving cancer patients something to smile about all year long. As one of the most widely studied alternative medicine therapies in cancer care, mistletoe extracts have shown to limit the debilitating side effects of conventional cancer treatment. In fact, mistletoe therapy is among the most […]

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What the Colour of Your Period Can Tell You About Your Health

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of your monthly period? For most women, those words would be uncomfortable, painful, and annoying (or even hot compress and chocolate ice cream!). But what if your menstrual cycle could reveal more about your physical health than just those unpleasant premenstrual syndrome (PMS) […]

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Young woman with acne on the mirror

Alternatives to Accutane for Severe Acne Treatment

When you have acne, your medicine cabinet tends to overflow with topical ointments, Instagram-endorsed elixirs, and an assortment of antibiotic medications. At times it feels like you’d try just about anything to get rid of stubborn whiteheads or inflamed blackheads for good. But Accutane? Those side effects seem a bit too harsh, even for severe […]

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Young woman suffering from painful abdominal pain during regular period at home.

How anxiety is linked to your hormones

Did you know that women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety as men? Nearly 25% of women — or one in four — have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the past year alone. Though anxiety has several causes that range from external to internal stress factors, hormonal changes throughout the […]

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Dr. Nelson holding a medal

How Dr. Nelson Became Our Resident Iron Man (Champ, That Is!)

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to people calling me anything other than my first name. Doctor, Doc, you name it — but Iron Man? That’s a new title! While I might not have a full suit of body armor waiting in my office à la Tony Stark, I do have seven Half […]

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine that believes in the healing power of nature and promotes the body’s self-healing mechanism. It includes natural therapies like nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Naturopathy originated in 400 BC when Greek philosopher Hippocrates stated that one must view the person as a whole when trying to find the […]

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Dealing with SIBO and Improving Your Gut and Overall Health

Our gut is extremely important for the proper working of our immune system. Having a healthy gut will go a long way in maintaining good physical and mental health. Doctors at a naturopathic clinic can help maintain your gut health. One of the most common issues that our gut faces is small intestine bacteria overgrowth […]

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test tub with lyme typed on it

How to Find Out If You Have Lyme Disease With Testing That Works

Lyme Borellia and other co-infections are master hiders and know exactly how to evade your immune system.  Why is this a problem? Hiding is one of the main reasons why it is so difficult to detect the presence of Lyme disease and its co-infections in your body. The infection can hide intracellularly (inside your cells) […]

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The Complexities of Lyme Disease, And How to Find Real Help

You’ve been suffering from multiple symptoms, have been labeled a chronic case and you suspect you may have Lyme disease. You’ve done the research (more than you ever thought you had to), consulted with some experts and you think you found an answer. Finally!  You excitedly visit your doctor and explain your Lyme findings, yet […]

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Man suffering from digestion issues from head trauma

3 “Weird” Symptoms You May Experience After a Concussion

You may have a dozen or more chronic hormonal symptoms, but “crazy” isn’t one of them.  Maybe your doctors, friends and even your Google-symptom-searching family have told you that your hormonal symptoms couldn’t possibly be related to your concussion—but you know you’re not crazy (and we know you’re not too).  Are you taking medications and/or […]

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Stressed young man needing help because of concussion symptoms

Help! I’ve Tried Everything But My Concussion Symptoms Won’t Go Away

Dozens of Google searches, doctor visits, diet changes and emotional rollercoasters—you’ve tried everything you know and you are still symptomatic.  You may have even been told that your current symptoms couldn’t possibly be due to the concussion you got months or even years ago. They were supposed to subside after eight weeks. Maybe your symptoms […]

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Isolating yourself from the world is a common problem that tbi sufferers face

From Extrovert to Introvert: My Social Life Tanked After I Got a Concussion

If you suffered a concussion or multiple head injuries, you may be experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Not because you want to isolate yourself, but because socializing and interacting with people can quickly turn into uncomfortable sensory overload. So what do you do? You retreat, which is completely understandable. After all, it’s easier to […]

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Returning To In Clinic Apointments and What You Need To Know To Stay Safe

The wait is finally over and The Neurvana Health clinic is moving toward a full re-opening of services.  There are current limitations and procedures that need to be followed in compliance with Alberta Health guidelines as they pertain to COVID 19. As the situation changes we’ll be sure to update you with new standards. Here’s […]

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Wearing blue blocking glasses to help with concussion symptoms

Symptomatic After a Concussion? These Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Help

Have you suffered from a concussion or multiple head injuries? If you are experiencing chronic symptoms due to concussion, “searching for answers” has likely become as daily a routine as brushing your teeth and putting on pants. Google, books, reputable practitioner websites—you probably have an arsenal of information at your disposal that has helped you […]

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Traumatic brain injuries can cause memory problems

How to Experience Long-Term Recovery From Concussion-Related Memory Issues

Do you have trouble remembering what you did a week ago? Maybe you can’t even remember what you did a few hours ago. Tired of having to write everything down to remember it all? If you’ve had multiple head injuries in the past, you may be experiencing memory problems. Cumulative head injuries affect our memory […]

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Whiplash injury

What to Do With Your Car Accident-Related Symptoms

Has your health gone downhill after being involved in a car accident? You may not have been diagnosed with a concussion or even hit your head during the accident, but maybe you are not feeling well and you know something’s wrong. Insomnia, gut issues, depression, and other strange symptoms—even though your doctor said you didn’t […]

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client doing Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback: The Final Stop On Your Path To Concussion Recovery

Botox, chiropractic manipulation, and pain meds? If these sound familiar, you may have tried just about every protocol you know to alleviate your concussion symptoms. But, if you’re reading this article, it’s likely you are still symptomatic.  You may have even felt a glimmer of hope with some short-term recovery, but soon after, your symptoms […]

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concussion solutions in Calgary, AB

Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome — The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the right concussion clinic in Calgary, Alberta but aren’t sure which one is best suited to help you and your unique symptoms? In this resource, we’re going to arm you with deep knowledge about brain injury, concussions and post-concussion syndrome. After going through this resource you will walk away feeling confident […]

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concussion head trauma

After concussion: Looking deeper into the brain

A concussion or any disruption of the brain can cause issues ranging from mental fatigue and chronic pain to insomnia and hormone imbalances. Other problems can include mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, or issues with focus, memory, attention and mood. Concussion myth #1: A helmet protects against concussion Wearing a helmet helps protect against skull fractures, […]

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