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How Your Environment Affects Cancer Treatment

Your home deserves to be your safe space throughout oncology treatment. But at a time when the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has identified more than 28 known environmental carcinogens across the ten provinces, it’s important to understand how your normal surroundings play a role in your cancer care. Could your home have a negative impact […]

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Happy daughter child helping cancer patient mom to cook dinner

Is it Possible to Have a Quality Life During Cancer Treatment?

Long walks around the riverbanks with your partner. Ice cream dates with your children. Life’s simplest pleasures never feel farther away than when you’re staring down a cancer diagnosis in the middle of aggressive treatment. When treatment begins to take a toll on your mental and physical health, it’s important to know that quality of […]

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What is Tumour Sensitivity Testing and Why Should You Do It?

There’s no magic wand for curing cancer—but there is a method for dramatically improving the chances that treatment will be successful. It’s called tumour sensitivity testing and it can have a profound effect on the outcomes of someone’s cancer. If you or someone you love has recently found a malignant tumour or started cancer treatment, […]

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