For people who feel like they’ve stalled in their advancement towards feeling better

If you suffer from a chronic condition and have tried almost everything under the sun to feel better, we are here to give you hope that things can change. We’ve helped people from 1 year old to over 70 make sense of a range of complex issues and start feeling better.


Marlene Kangas
Marlene Kangas (Red Deer, AB)


Laurel Pole (Red Deer, AB)


Like you, we know what it’s like to…

…go to specialists with high hopes, only to have them shattered
…hear your medical professional say “sorry, that’s all we can do”
…read articles online and think “how old is this information?”
…work with multiple natural practicioners but still have no lasting way to feel better
…wear a “mask” around other people to hide how you truly feel
…to be looked at like you’re crazy for turning down drugs because you prefer natural solutions, without the side effects ahem…hair falling out or burning urine anyone? — we’ve been there
…avoid gluten and/or eat organic foods but still not feel well
…and hear the sound of a hidden clock, with limited hours, ticking away to a “point of no return”

Luckily, there is a better way to find lasting health

See what techniques have made all the difference for us and our clients.

We’ve guided 450+ people to feeling better

Brain injury recovery..

I continually struggled with main stream medical care trying resolve my issues from my Brain Injury, then a relative referred me to Corey at Neurvana. I gained control of my life finally through the guidance and support of the Neurvana Team. Corey’s experience at identifying all weak links in recovery and providing a monitored treatment protocol did more for me in a few months than my neurologist and family doctor did in 2.5 years. I’m not sure I would be here today if it weren’t for Corey’s sincere, genuine concern for my health.🙂

L Harvey (Red Deer, AB)

MS life changer…

So happy I found Neurvana Health!! It has improved my life dramatically. My family have noticed a huge difference in my cognitive state. I feel more productive and ambitious. I have MS and this treatment has clarified my thoughts so much.

Heather LeBlanc (Red Deer, AB)

He really does care about his patients…

Corey did help me immensely on my journey back to health in 2015. After a series of tests, he was able to recommend a program that consisted of diet changes, supplements and then neurofeedback. Corey is excellent to work with. He is very knowledgeable and ensures you understand all the technical terms. He really does care about his patients.

Marla Mack (Calgary, AB)

Lyme isn’t that scary…

As it turned out I had multiple things occurring including a coinfection of Lyme, mold toxicity, staph infection and physical and emotional trauma. They took my journey and turned it into a simple to follow process. The plan is 100% tailored to me, my conditions, and my dna and Corey is takes all that complex stuff and makes it incredibly easy to understand and incredibly easy to trust in him and know that we are heading in the right direction. So far I have been doing a rigorous supplement protocol that gets updated every few months as the conditions change, along with Neurofeedback which has made a massive difference in how I experience symptos as well as in how well I can think, sleep and react emotionally. on top of that they had me adopt many lifestyle habit changes including eating, which wen’t way beyond what any other naturopath has ever suggested to me such as “remove corn, soy, dairy, wheat” the standard stuff. They actually look at your body type and what foods are right for you, not some blanket statement that is mass marketed. For me it was to avoid salicylates which I never even knew was a thing until their nutritionist Carly shared some information with me. It’s now been just over 1 year into working with them and I havn’t felt this good since i was 18. They are truly results driven and they don’t just advertise that as window dressing as so many other alt providers do.

Victor Pidkowich (Calgary, AB)

I wasn’t ready to go blind…

Corey and his team are AMAZING. I have had many years of suffering physical symptoms that debilitated me. I was on medical leave from work for 9 months, my medical doctor had no answers, specialists had no answers, but my body was screaming at me that something was NOT right!! I suffered from major anxiety attacks that kept me a prisoner in my own body, I I felt intoxicated even though I hadn’t had a drink in years, I felt like I was always going to faint, depression was a constant companion and there were times I felt I didn’t want to wake up. I learnt that I was fine and would have to live this way…and then one day my eyesight started doing weird things, I would see so many floaters that I couldn’t walk because I couldn’t see, I started losing my vision but only in some spots…the optometrist told me I was fine and had 20/20 vision. I was terrified, I was scared, I wasn’t ready to go blind and I definitely wasn’t ready to die. I had no social life and my children suffered greatly beside me because it got to the point that I could barely get out of bed.

As I write this tears stream down my face because my path crossed with Corey Deacon. July 2018 for the first time in 4 years I was given hope!! Not the kind that comes in a bottle…but real true hope. I did the brain mapping…and the best thing I had heard for so long was that I WAS NOT DYING!! Corey explained what was happening so easily and confidently…he made everything make sense. His wisdom and knowledge are outstanding. I did 10 sessions of Neurofeed back, learnt about intergenerational trauma, my vision problem was coming from my visual processing in my brain (that is why the optometrist could not find anything), I also learnt that self care is really a matter of life and death and it needs to be taken seriously, my hormones were out of control.

I have been working with Corey since July and he has always been just a phone call away. I have had a few health issues occur since but when I told Corey about them he easily assured me what was really happening. If you don’t know anything about the dorsal vegal nerve…I suggest you become good friends with it because it is not something to reckon with.

Coreys view of health and wellness is fresh and so out of the box.I called Corey one time because of a major panic attack I had after starting the neurofeedback…to my surprise he got excited. I told him I didn’t like his idea of excitement and he told me that the response I was having meant things were shifting and changing…I am now excited and pay close attention to those uncomfortable feelings, I now see them as being in a opportunity to personally grow…and now I share Coreys excitement.

I used to feel the medical system was all that I had to support my health….I am ever so grateful that I have Corey and his team. He has given me the tools to get my life back. I have my eyesight back, the floaters are gone, I have a whole new perception of anxiety, my depression only speaks to me when I get run down and forget self care. My dorsal vegal nerve will stop me in my tracks if I don’t look after myself well enough.

Thank you Corey and team at Neurvana Health….I have my life back and my 5 children have their mom back. I encourage everyone and anyone to see Corey. I assure you that your health will benefit greatly from it 🙂

Melanie Jansen (Calgary, AB)

A Ray of Hope!

Neurvana Health is a Ray of Hope! There professional team of staff is amazing at what they do and they care so much about YOU not about themselves they do what’s right for you not for there pocket book ? I recommend everyone here for any emotional or health issue you may have!

Tamona Boettcher (Red Deer, AB)

More positive results then I could have imagined…

I always look forward to seeing the team at Neurvana health in Red Deer. They take their time to explain things, are very accommodating and I have noticed more positive results then I could have imagined since beginning my treatments in Feb this year.

Annette Scherrens-Sehlstrom (Red Deer, AB)

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