Concussion rehabilitation protocols that get you back to life.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and care is designed to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

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The fact I’m sitting here with the lights on […] is a miracle to me. I hit a patch of ice… first thing that hit, was the back of my head…The fact that I’m sitting here with the lights on and no sunglasses is a miracle to me.
I never thought I’d see that again. Plus, my aversion to noise went away.
The shaking inside stopped.


Rest has its limits.

Do you feel like your practitioner’s only solution to your head or neck injury is to “rest” – yet you’ve done plenty of that and your symptoms still won’t go away?

Up to 15% of patients diagnosed with a mild concussion continue to experience symptoms beyond 3 months*.

If you have fallen victim to this, you don’t need more rest – you need a second opinion.

*Source: Canadian Health Solutions and Canadian Concussion Institute, 2018.

Here’s why we should be your 2nd opinion.


Watch our medical director assess a brain map

Get immediate, accurate answers

Unlike MRI or CT scans, which are important to rule out structural problems, we use qEEG Brain Mapping at our clinic in Calgary, AB to look at function. With pinpoint accuracy, we are able to identify what parts of the brain aren’t “firing” correct, and why.


Achieve lasting results

Since a concussion is a brain-centered problem, it must be solved at the level of the brain, not lower. Our method is different because we target the neuro-circuitry of the brain directly and achieve and maintain more permanent improvements than other available solutions.


Feel better, in less time

Concussions are complex and specific to each person involving multiple bodily systems. We combine the latest in neuroscience, integrative medicine and functional neurology to address all bodily systems and get you the most immediate relief.

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of our clients feel significant
improvement within 12 weeks


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we’ve imaged


harmful drugs
or painkillers

A concussion is a brain-based injury that requires brain-based solutions.

Help me feel better

Your protocol will include...


A comprehensive assessment

You’ll receive physical and cognitive tests that provide us with a baseline benchmark and point us to the real source of the problems. This includes qEEG Brain Map, memory testing, balance and coordination tests, spacial awareness tests, and a thorough review of your history and how it relates to what you are experiencing.



Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. At our clinic in Calgary we observe the brain in action from moment to moment. We show that information back to you and we reward the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. It is very safe and effective.



Concussions often result in shearing of nerve tissue, damage to blood vessels, cranial nerves, and a bruise on the brain. This causes a lack oxygen and blood flow to the damaged tissue and biochemical changes that hamper healing. Nutraceuticals are very high-quality supplements. We choose the right types and dosage most effective at helping your brain heal.

If necessary, we also have close relationships with practitioners outside the office that we can refer you to, such as a neuro-optometrist.

Help me feel better


I gained control of my life through the guidance and support of the Neurvana Team.

I continually struggled with main stream medicalcare trying resolve my issues from my Brain Injury,then a relative referred me to Corey at Neurvana.

I gained control of my life finally through the guidance and support of the Neurvana Team. Corey’s experience at identifying all weak links in recovery and providing a monitored treatment
protocol did more for me in a few months than my neurologist and family doctor did in 2.5 years. I’m not sure I would be here today if it weren’t for Corey’s sincere, genuine concern for my health.

LINDA HARVEY Calgary, AB logo-google

Thank you Neurvana Health!

Before I saw Corey and team at Neurvana Health I was struggling with irritability, loss of memory and concentration, fatigue, migraines, anxiety and vertigo from multiple concussions.

With the help of Neurofeedback and Corey’s support and advice I’m on my way to finding joy in my life. My memory and energy has improved and my anxiety has decreased.

Thank you for helping me get my quality of life back Corey, Nicole, Liz, Emily, Morgan and Carly!

STEPHANIE MILLS Lethbridge, AB logo-google

The shaking inside stopped. [extended version]

We were rounding the home stretch to where it’s only about a block away, I still can’t believe that I hit a patch of ice…first thing that hit, was the back of my head…  I did have a headache at that point in time. Three weeks later they were still ongoing. Went to my general practitioner who said, you know, typically these things resolve themselves.

It continued along for a number of weeks and got progressively worse in terms of nausea, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision to the left, double vision to the left, inability to handle long conversations, light, any noise. My wife put a spoon down, I would come out of my skin. You’re exploding inside. You have to live in a dark basement. I did that for quite some time. The fact that I’m sitting here with the lights on and no sunglasses is a miracle to me. I never thought I’d see that again. Plus, my aversion to noise went away. The shaking inside stopped.


Frequently asked questions

Who do you work with?

We’ve helped people from 1 year old to over 70 make sense of a range of complex issues and start feeling better. We typically work well with those that have tried several concussion treatments in Calgary but have come out with little in terms of lasting results.

What’s included in the personalized healing plan?

Concussions are complicated and therefore therapy needs to be individualized, multi-disciplinary and progressive. Your treatment plan will include a combination of approaches such as Neurofeedback, Nutraceuticals, P-DTR therapy, and Applied Kinesiology.

Is Neurofeedback safe?

Yes. We follow industry standards at our concussion clinic. The common misconception is that Neurofeedback is sending electricity to your brain. This is not the case. What it actually does is read brain activity in real-time and then adjust audio and visual stimuli to reward your brain and "nudge" it towards performing like it should.

How long before I am 100%?

Our services are not a magic bullet, no one’s are. It’s important to remember that every person’s physiology and nature of their injury is different. Some people are better in just 6-8 weeks, others take 3 months or longer. It just depends on how severe things are.

How much will it be?

Since every solution is individualized to the unique characteristics of the injury and your personal physiology it is far too difficult to give one fixed rate. The best thing to do is to fill in the form below and start a conversation with one of our trained health advisers.

Are there any side effects?

Similar to most therapies, side effects may occur. However, not everyone notices any side effects after their sessions. These side effects may include (but not limited to) headache, mental or physical fatigue, temporary increase in severity of initial presenting symptoms. Often you might experience moodiness or highly emotional responses due to the specific parts of the brain we are re-training. These are temporary changes that improve within 24-48 hours, and certainly better than side effects of prescription drugs in most cases.

Is my protocol covered by Alberta Health or Insurance?

Unfortunately no. Our services are typically not covered by insurance, as most companies have not caught up to our fast-moving industry. Many key concepts used in integrative medicine and neuroscience protocols are quite revolutionary and are not widely accepted in the conventional medical model, which most insurance companies base their coverage from. The personalization of integrative medicine protocols also makes insurance coverage difficult, as there is no “x medication used for y diagnosis” in our model (which is usually how coverage with insurance is predicated on).

How is this different from Vestibular and physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy focuses on the body-based or somatic symptoms triggered by head injury such as back/neck pain. Vestibular therapy targets the vestibular system associated with balance and coordination of the inner ear, which isn't always the root cause of nausea, dizziness, and disorientation. Since a concussion is a brain-centered problem, it must be solved at the level of the brain, not lower. Our method is different because it addresses problems with neuro-circuitry problems such as pain, dizziness, blurred vision, hypersensitivity, memory, hormonal and mental-emotional symptoms. Because we target the brain directly we commonly achieve and maintain more permanent improvements than the aforementioned techniques.

When will I see results?

Typically most people feel noticeable results within the first 7-14 days and significant results during weeks 8-12.

Does this help whiplash?

Although we don't work directly on the neck, recent studies have shown that any time there is a neck injury such as whiplash, there is a concussion.

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