Reclaim Your Life with Allergy Testing

Did you know that allergy testing might be the answer to solving your stubborn chronic pain, digestive issues, and even mood imbalances?

More than 50 percent of Canadians are affected by allergies that create far-reaching symptoms—yet many are unaware these side effects are actually a reaction to a specific food, chemical or airborne allergen. 

It’s time to reclaim your health. 

Allergy testing services at Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine utilize serum blood testing to most accurately identify your unique sensitivities and get your health back on track.

What Are Allergies?

Allergies are a reaction of  your body’s natural defense system. When a foreign substance enters your environment, either by touch or consumption, your immune system must determine if the substance is friend or foe. If your immune system believes the substance is harmful, it will cause a type of allergic reaction to protect itself. 

Substances that cause an allergic reaction are referred to as allergens. There are three primary types of allergens:

  1. Ingested Allergens – Present in the food and beverages you consume, including soy, peanuts, or seafood. 
  2. Inhaled Allergens – Enter your body via the membranes of the nostrils or throat, like pollen or dust.
  3. Contact Allergens – Come in contact with your skin to produce a reaction, such as poison ivy or heavy metals (jewelry)

Bear in mind that allergens aren’t dangerous by nature—even something as delicate as a rose can delight the senses of one person and elicit an allergic response from another. However, depending on the type of allergen, they can create various unpleasant symptoms throughout your body. 

For example, an inhaled allergen like pollen may cue your immune system to initiate a runny nose or an anaphylactic response. An ingested allergen, like seafood, can create an allergy triggered by the digestive system that can affect your gut, cognitive abilities, and general comfort level.

Should You Have Your Allergies Tested?

All too often, the practitioners at Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine see patients living the majority of their lives completely unaware that their reaction to a food or airborne allergen is what’s causing the chronic symptoms troubling them. While a runny nose or itchy eyes may signal obvious allergies, getting to the bottom of food/airborne allergies and how else they may be impacting health is less apparent.

An allergy test is especially important for those struggling with:

✓ Fatigue

✓ Chronic pain

✓ Sleep disorders

✓ Anxiety or depression

✓ Autoimmune conditions

✓ Skin conditions, like a rash or acne

✓ Digestive disorders or discomfort

✓ Brain fog or cognitive issues

If you’re currently allergic to an allergen in your environment, your symptoms will not improve until the allergen can be removed or you can learn how to avoid it. Allergy testing is paramount to understanding which next steps to take to improve your health and benefit your overall lifestyle.

Allergy Testing at Neurvana: A Look at Each Sensitivity

Your immune system produces specific proteins called antibodies to counteract the effects of an allergy. An allergy test measures your levels of allergen-specific antibodies to determine what foods or airborne substances you may be allergic to. In particular, allergen-specific Immunoglobulin E (IgE) testing at Neurvana carefully monitors the presence of IgE antibodies already circulating in your bloodstream to determine what initiated the reaction. 

While airborne allergic reactions can cause more obvious symptoms—like hives—allergies can cause significant chronic symptoms that are less easy to trace back to their origin. It’s a common misconception that you must suffer through uncomfortable skin-prick tests, during which allergen is directly introduced to the skin, to identify allergies. However, skin-prick tests are not ideal for some patients, especially those with extensive dermatitis or dermatographism, those who cannot discontinue antihistamines, or those with a history of anaphylactic reactions. 

Instead, Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine utilizes Meridian Valley Lab Testing to painlessly identify immune-specific reactions happening in your blood.

“Amazing results. Was not feeling myself and my doctor couldn’t give me answers. Corey and his team identified my issues and a couple months in and I feel way better. I would definitely recommend and it’s worth the money if you are hesitating over the cost.”

Chad Clay
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just test my allergies myself? Why or why not?

Many drugstores and online retailers offer free screening or at-home test kits, however, the results of those tests may be misleading. Do-it-yourself tests often result in “false positives or negatives” or inaccurate confirmation of allergies you do not have. These unreliable results may cause you to make unnecessary lifestyle changes that ultimately hinder your success, not help it.

What will I know after doing these tests?

Allergy tests reveal what allergens your immune system may be over-activating and inducing inflammation to and which foods or substances you want to avoid. Not only can this explain previously unrelated symptoms but allergy tests can also inform a healthier way of living that won’t cause you chronic discomfort.

How can allergy testing better my life?

Allergies can elevate inflammation and lead to several health problems including, but not limited to,  chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, mood disorders, and skin conditions. Allergy testing can help remove the foods or substances that are negatively impacting your wellness.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health

With allergy testing available at both our Calgary location, we encourages you to take the first step and schedule your complementary, 30-minute consultation today.