Hormone Testing Calgary: Decode Your Body’s Hidden Messages

Your body is always communicating. But unlike me or you, who would use email or text to send a message, your body utilizes hormones. These microscopic messengers play a crucial role in your overall wellness.

When levels of certain hormones spike or drop, the resulting imbalance essentially cuts the wires of communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Determining which hormones have become imbalanced plays a major role in uncovering why physical and cognitive symptoms are manifesting and what associated risks may be involved. 

The best way to decode what signals your body are sending is by blood or saliva private lab testing which we offer at our clinics in Calgary, Alberta.

What is Hormone Testing?

Hormones are chemicals created by your body’s endocrine glands and cells. These powerful compounds travel through your bloodstream to control crucial functions, like your metabolism, reproduction, and sleep cycle. 

Your body produces and distributes nearly 70 of these essential hormones. They are characterized as steroid hormones, peptide hormones, amino acid-derived hormones, and eicosanoid hormones. The immune system even has its own set of hormones it uses to communicate! When one or more of your hormones are produced at an improper level, it’s referred to as a hormonal imbalance. Too much or too little of any singular hormone can disrupt your entire body, making it imperative you pinpoint which of your hormone levels have gone awry.

Because hormones and their responsibilities are so varied, the only method of detecting a hormonal imbalance is hormone testing or a hormonal imbalance test. A hormonal imbalance test takes into account your current symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, or cognitive issues, and then measures the levels of each hormone in your body to find a solution.

Why Would You Get a Hormonal Imbalance Test?

A vast range of symptoms can indicate that your hormones are imbalanced, especially a collection of unusual or unrelated symptoms that seem to have no apparent explanation. In many cases, a hormonal imbalance can reveal itself as stomach or digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, sleep issues, and mood swings or emotional disturbances. 

If you’re suffering any of the above, but lack a history of these medical issues, it’s within your best interest to monitor your hormone levels. 

A hormone imbalance test is especially important for those who have:

✓ A history of head injuries

✓ Headaches or migraines

✓ Fatigue or low energy

✓ Anxiety or depression

✓ Insomnia or trouble sleeping

✓ Muscle and joint pain

✓ Digestive problems

✓ Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

✓ Cognitive issues; including memory, focus, and attention problems

✓ History of toxic exposure; including heavy metals, mold, and plastics

✓ Already began hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Testing at Neurvana Health: Listen to the Full Symphony

At Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine Integrative Clinic, we view healthy hormones as a symphony. Just like an orchestra requires each instrument to hit the right note, your body needs all of your hormones to play the proper tune. If certain hormones are deficient or excessive, the symphony won’t sound correct. 

You must keep this symphony in mind when you test your hormones — only assessing a few of these levels won’t reveal the full picture and can leave your body out of tune. Our naturopathic doctors are sure to conduct thorough male and female hormone tests that address all biological markers used to test hormone levels.

  • Blood Testing: Reveals the total level of steroid hormones, hypothalamus and pituitary hormones, and thyroid hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels, that are circulating in the bloodstream. 
  • Saliva Testing: Assesses the free levels of DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone actively delivered to receptors in the body.
  • Urine Testing: Displays the free levels of thyroid and steroid hormones as well as the metabolism and detoxification of hormones. 

Diagnostic testing at Neurvana Health is only conducted with the finest of technology and assessed by the most respected clinical laboratories including, but not limited to:

Is It Time to Get Your Hormone Levels Tested?

If you’re above the age of 18, it’s advised you routinely check your hormones to ensure your body is operating in sync. Your hormones control everything from your reproduction abilities to your sleep cycle and even hunger, so it’s essential they remain balanced. When your hormones are imbalanced, confusing or sudden symptoms, like headaches, bowel irritation, and mood swings, can arise.

Likewise, those 40 years or older should keep a close eye on their hormone levels. Your hormone production will naturally decrease as you age, however, a stark imbalance in hormones can mimic certain symptoms of ageing like brain fog, fatigue, and joint pain. By taking the initiative to receive hormone testing, you can safely and fully enjoy the ageing process.

“Working with Corey and the team has been an incredibly positive experience! The depth of knowledge base and expertise is very evident. Corey’s ability to determine the root cause of chronic mystery illnesses is unparalleled in my opinion. He is very warm, open and agile taking all of your symptoms and feedback in to consideration. The way in which he explains and teaches technical concepts allows you to have a solid understanding of what is going on in your body. It’s evident that Neurvana’s desire is to empower patients in their health journey. Based on my personal experience with the clinic, I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for concrete answers and solutions regarding physical and emotional health.”

Marnie Lowe
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I have my hormones tested?

The symptoms of poor hormone regulation can mimic several conditions, from normal ageing to digestive issues. When symptoms are occurring due to hormone imbalances, there are several techniques including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT),  peptide therapy, and other nutraceuticals that can re-establish balance and reverse these symptoms.

Should I test all my hormones?

Absolutely. Your body produces nearly 70 hormones that all work together to create optimal wellness. Neglecting to test each hormone fails to paint the full picture of what’s happening inside of your body, which is why Neurvana Health always tests all of your hormones we need to.

How often should I test my hormones?

If you are on hormone replacement therapy of any kind, you should test your hormones once every 12 weeks until levels are deemed stable, followed by once every 6-12 months after. 

If you are not on hormone replacement therapy, test your hormones once every 12 months.

Decode The Messages Your Hormones Are Trying To Send

Right now, your hormones are hard at work sending messages throughout your entire body. Talk to a trained health adviser today to learn more about hormone testing at our Calgary location.