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Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine focuses on helping people with Lyme and other chronic complex conditions find real lasting relief by performing world class private lab testing and completely customized healing protocols.

Lyme can be transmitted sexually, in utero, by ticks and other insects.It can remain dormant for years and activate seemingly out of the blue… There are 32 known co-infections aka “stealth infections” that often accompany it… and add in the viruses, parasites and mold pathogens that move in due to a compromised immune system and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most complex diseases in the world. Corey Deacon, CFMP Sources: Please see footer

How many of these challenges are you experiencing today?

(check all that apply)

You’ve done lyme testing that came back negative, yet your online research and gut feeling keeps pointing you back to lyme disease

Your General Practitioner has run all tests under the sun and tells you you are healthy, yet on the inside its a daily struggle and the zest for life has diminished greatly

You experience brain fog so thick that you are often embarrassed at work or home with underperforming even the most basic of tasks such as remembering people’s names and you fear it might be dementia

While you may have previously worked with conventional doctors, naturopaths, Chinese Herbalists or other alternative practitioners – ultimately you’ve been disappointed by delivery, accountability or results

You’ve traveled to, or are considering travelling to, another city, province or country looking for answers with various private practitioners

You experience flu like symptoms that include joint pain, chills and the inability to regulate tempurature, weakness, and extreme fatigue, which limits your ability to enjoy even the simplest pleasures most take for granted such as any physical activity

Functions with family and friends have become difficult, intolerable or completely out of the question, including vacations and long weekends

You feel isolated and “cast out” because noone seems to understand what you are going through, not even your medical professionals

It feels like things are getting worse and you fear a hidden clock ticking away with a point of no return

After visits with practitioner you have cried or yelled profanity while sitting in your car from the overlwhelming amount of frustration and disapointment to get answers.

You’ve brought a 2″ thick binder of your past testing and notes to new practitioners only to realize after meeting them a few times that they clearly have not gone through that information, despite them having said they have

If any of these challenges are real for you right now, then you’ve come to the right place

Because it’s challenges like these that we focus on solving, and have solved successfully for people with chronic Lyme just like you are experiencing.

Why most Lyme disease testing fails

The biggest issue with Lyme is underdiagnosis in western medicine and overdiagnosis in alternative medicine.

Why item

Most public health services only test for Borrelia, not the 32 known co-infections or accompanying viruses, parasites and mold pathogens.

Why item

Collection methods are often inaccurate due to the sample not being collected with proper provoked stimulation to get the disease into the bloodstream or urine where it needs to be for detection.

Why item

Dated testing practices such as antibody testing and western blot are still being used alone, even though new methods such as EliSpot, PCR and Gene Expression Testing yield more accurate results.

Why item

Most practitioners aren’t bringing into account false negatives and false positives when running testing or looking at why immune system and nervous system dysregulation is happening (which is sometimes more than just Lyme and then causes people to not get better despite doing all the right “Lyme” treatments).

Why item

Once you have antibodies, you will always have them and health providers get confused thinking it has “reactivated” and start treating an infection that is no longer even there.

Please don’t misunderstand me. All these things have their place.

But what typically happens is, you end up implementing a bunch of disconnected tactics that are NOT tightly aligned with your ultimate goal: finding out if you have Lyme disease or not, and taking the appropriate next steps to feeling better, so that you can take your life off pause and get back to creating happy memories.

You can have Lyme disease without getting a bullseye rash or experiencing flu-like symptoms. In fact, fewer than 50% of Lyme patients ever recall even being bit by a tick.

Source: International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society

How we’re different from every other medical clinic you may be considering


We’re 1 of only 2 clinics in all of Canada that performs a breadth of testing required to identify lyme, coinfections and other underlying contibuting factors that often accompany them.


We incorporate QEEG brain scanning in order to pinpoint where testing is actually neccessary so that more of your health budget can go towards feeling better.


Use a provoked collection process which maximizes the chances of the disease or coinfections being picked up on the testing (in fact our own CEO had spent thousands on tests with other providers that were not provoked and they produced false-negatives until he finally did the porvoked collection process, showing positive for the coinfection babesia)


The most advanced laboratories in the world process your lab tests so that you are less likely to have a false-negative and continue to live with with lyme or coinfections thinking its something else.


We test using the most accurate and up to date methods including EliSpot, PCR and Gene Expression (epigenetics) testing with quantitative RNA sequencing — which is the only way to 100% confirm the presence and virulence of Lyme or co-infections (see sources in footer).


Have test results back in as little as 7-10 days so that you can finally put your mind at ease


Your results are read by a Lyme and co-infection literate practitioner so that no stone is left unturned and the results are translated into plain English for your and your family to


We’ve personaly experienced lyme and we know what your are going through. You can expect to be treated as a real human being, not as a number.


We go beyond just lyme testing. We understand that there may be underlying pathogens present as well due to your compromised immune system and will work with you to identify these, as well as put together a personalized healing protocol —because its less about what it is and more about getting your energy, stamina, and zest for life restored.

How it works


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Frequently asked questions

Can I do Lyme testing at a distance?

Yes, but we need to ensure that the phlebotomist is preparing your samples a very specific way, otherwise there is a risk that the test is inaccurate. Give us a call and we can help walk you through this. We can also arrange a QEEG locally or send you a kit to do it remotely.

Is it possible to have viruses, parasites and other pathogens when Lyme or a co-infection are present?

Yes. In fact, it’s quite common due to the lowering of immune function which allows other opportunistic and unwanted pathogens to invade your body, such as mold. This is why a comprehensive integrated approach to testing and care is so critical to seeing real-lasting results.

Are the tests the same for everyone?

No. We believe the most accurate testing is done after a practitioner reviews your history thoroughly. This way, testing can be done based on what makes sense for your unique physiology, symptoms, history and circumstances versus a blanket approach.

Do you accept walk-ins?

No. Lyme testing is far too focusd for walk-ins and first requires an assessment by a Lyme practitioner to determine which tests make the most sense.

Find out if you have Lyme and co-infections

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