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Frequently Asked Question About Allergy Testing

Many drugstores and online retailers offer free screening or at-home test kits, however, the results of those tests may be misleading. Do-it-yourself tests often result in “false positives or negatives” or inaccurate confirmation of allergies you do not have. These unreliable results may cause you to make unnecessary lifestyle changes that ultimately hinder your success, not help it.
Allergy tests reveal what allergens your immune system may be over-activating and inducing inflammation to and which foods or substances you want to avoid. Not only can this explain previously unrelated symptoms but allergy tests can also inform a healthier way of living that won’t cause you chronic discomfort.
Allergies can elevate inflammation and lead to several health problems including, but not limited to, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, mood disorders, and skin conditions. Allergy testing can help remove the foods or substances that are negatively impacting your wellness.