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Frequently Asked Question About Hormone Testing

The symptoms of poor hormone regulation can mimic several conditions, from normal ageing to digestive issues. When symptoms are occurring due to hormone imbalances, there are several techniques including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), peptide therapy, and other nutraceuticals that can re-establish balance and reverse these symptoms.
Absolutely. Your body produces nearly 70 hormones that all work together to create optimal wellness. Neglecting to test each hormone fails to paint the full picture of what’s happening inside of your body, which is why Neurvana Health always tests all of your hormones we need to.
If you are on hormone replacement therapy of any kind, you should test your hormones once every 12 weeks until levels are deemed stable, followed by once every 6-12 months after.

If you are not on hormone replacement therapy, test your hormones once every 12 months.