Holistic Nutrition: Eating What’s Right For Your Body Type

Nutrition is essential. It’s essential for our growth, our development, our gene expression, our mental health, our physical health and all areas of health and healing. BioIndividual Nutrition is a phrase coined by a teacher of mine, Julie Matthews, which describes the need for nutrition and dietary intervention to be applied on an individual basis. That is, each of us are completely unique; genetically, environmentally, and personally.

It’s important for us to view nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation based on the individual needs of each person.

Our goal with Bioindividual Nutrition & Health Coaching for people in Calgary and Calgary is to remove burdens from the body that may be contributing to inflammation. We strive to support the body through nourishing foods to fuel the brain and it’s cells, support your individual biochemical needs, and work on underlying factors for improvement in bodily functions.

When working with a client using Bioindividual Nutrition, we consider their genetic expression, biochemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies they may have, environmental stressors, the condition of their microbiome and other lifestyle interventions we can use to support the body in reaching optimal health. My goal is to create a customized approach by considering these personalized factors, while still keeping the nutrition plan as varied as possible. This ensures the person’s nutritional needs and energy needs are met while allowing them to still enjoy food.

A Nutrition Plan Made For You

To determine which nutrition plan is best for you, I customize your approach with different clients by looking at personal factors including genetics, nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances identified with lab testing, current health conditions, environmental factors and the client’s microbiome. Armed with these clues, I can work to pair you with one (or distinct combinations) of heavily researched healing nutrition programs to address the underlying biochemistry of your disorder or issues. Depending on your specific, individual factors, I can tailor your plan to address any multitude of underlying issues- such as inflammatory problems, mitochondrial issues, gut dysbiosis, and more.

The results you can expect from your plan will depend entirely on your reasons for working with us, as well as the specific plan we create for you. If you are dealing with an underlying inflammatory issue, you can expect to see reduction in symptoms like brain fog, achy and painful joints or muscles, headaches, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and mood swings. If you are dealing with gut dysbiosis, you can expect better digestion including less bloating/gas, less reactivity to certain foods, easier elimination, thicker and stronger hair/nails, clearer skin, a stronger immune system (meaning less sick days) and more energy to spend your day doing what you truly love to do.

There is a deep, intrinsic connection to ourselves when we focus on clearing up the biochemical problems that can plague our health. We are able to understand our own internal rhythms, like hunger and sleep. We are able to jump out of bed in the morning and fall asleep easier when our body’s systems are working in alignment, and aren’t dealing with a heavy burden of imbalance. We can enjoy things like movement and exercise without crashing hard from fatigue afterwards. When our body is fuelled and supported properly, our day to day life just gets easier.

Find the Right Person For the Job

If you already feel you eat quite healthily, but still have health problems, it may be important for you to work with a nutritional consultant. My work with a client focuses on supporting digestion, immune function, detoxification and biochemistry. I address food and nutrition, special diets, and supplementation based on the individual needs of each person.

You might have perfectly healthy eating habits outwardly when comparing to what is healthy for others. However, you may be missing the mark on the nutrition plan that is best for you. What works well for someone, may not work well for another, and in fact, may actually be harmful to another.

To go a step further, quite often just one type of plan alone isn’t enough to experience symptom relief; quite often multiple therapeutic diets need to be combined to meet the needs of the individual. Nutrition plans may even need to be customized with certain principles or foods added or removed. Some may need a low-fat diet, others thrive off a high-fat one. Others may need a grain free/low oxalate plan, while some require high fibre/low FODMAPs.

Dietary needs are not static. Once someone is on a particular diet, it doesn’t mean they need to be on it forever, OR that it is the best choice long-term. My goal is to help you transition your diet as your needs change over time. You can work with me at our Calgary Alberta location.

Start Your Nutrition Plan

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