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Whole body healing with homeopathic medicine

Engage your body's natural healing ability with the help of homeopathic medicine and Dr. Lisa Keen, a doctor with a track record of getting results.

Engage your body's natural healing ability with the help of homeopathic medicine and Dr. Lisa Keen, a doctor with a track record of getting results.

  • No harmful side effects
  • No harmful side effects
  • Science-based testing
  • Safe for all ages

Dr. Lisa Keen worked wonders for me.

[...] I had seen several doctors, specialists, went through several tests and received no answers or calls back from any of my doctors. It was quite frustrating. When I had my first appointment with Dr. Lisa Keen she reviewed everything on my intake form and immediately had an idea of what was happening with my body. [...] Its been a few months now that I have been seeing her and I feel like a completely different person. I feel wonderful and energetic. I would highly recommend her to anyone…

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Why work with Dr. Keen

1000+ happy patients

Dr. Keen has worked with people of all ages and conditions in the 11 years that she has been practicing medicine. With training in homeopathy, naturopathy and functional medicine, Dr. Keen has the right tools in her tool belt to help you feel better.

Always testing, never guessing

Dr. Keen takes an evidence based approach to the healing protocol she develops for you, meaning she uses an array of the most advanced labratory testing in Canada, in conjunction with thoroughly understanding your symptoms, personality, and mental and emotional being.

Professionally formulated — never over the counter

The complex homeopathic treatment you receive from Dr. Keen are specifically created to match all aspects of your life—an exactness you cannot expect from a store-bought solution or conventional physician a medical doctor.

#3 Rated naturopath on RateMD's

Dr. Keen has a solid 5 star rating on the popular Doctor reviews website, and is ranked as the 3rd best naturopath in all of Calgary.

Homeopathic medicine use in the US has increased by 15% over the last 5 years.

Source: 2016 Harvard Study published by

Some (not all) of the health problems Dr. Keen works with

Homeopathic medicine can treat a wide array of health concerns, from acute conditions to chronic ailments.

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Migraines or chronic headaches
  • Bladder infections or incontinence
  • Skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Digestive concerns, including stomach aches or heartburn
  • Women’s health, including hormonal imbalances
  • Pediatric ailments, including infant and child care


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a century’s old medicine system rooted in the belief the body can heal itself. A homeopathic provider uses micro-doses of natural substances, such as plants and minerals, to stimulate the recovery process.

Developed in Germany during the 1700s, homeopathy was inspired by European herbals, like cinchona bark and camphor, and the stimulating and strengthening effect these substances have on the body’s natural defensive and healing properties.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and homeopathy in Calgary is one of the most sought after medical treatments. Patients prefer homeopathic care because it views healing through a complete lens of wellness: from a patient’s physical health and lifestyle to their emotional and mental well-being.

In short, this natural alternative medicine treats a patient as an individual, not as a collection of symptoms

How do you take Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines have multiple methods of delivery depending on the patient and the desired potency.

Your practitioner may provide your homeopathic medicine as a pellet or pill, a liquid, or even as a cream. You will receive exact instructions on how to take your homeopathic treatment at your time of diagnosis.

Bear in mind, all homeopathic medicines at Neurvana Health Naturopathic Clinic follow strict guidelines enforced by Health Canada.

They are naturally derived from mineral, botanical and biological substances grown in their native regions and free of chemical, pesticide, and herbicide contamination.

The outstanding safety and organic qualities of homeopathic medicine make it quite easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Do Homeopathic medicines have any side effects?

Homeopathic medicine is derived from all-natural ingredients. In its centuries of use, no side effects of homeopathy have been reported. However, it’s important to note that homeopathy can induce a “healing crisis”: a heightening of symptoms throughout the healing process.

This is a good thing and a very positive result! It means you’re peeling back the layers of what’s causing your symptoms. This is another reason to work with a trusted provider: despite being incredibly safe, you’ll still have some to walk you through the homeopathy process for maximum results.

How quickly can I expect Homeopathic medicines to work?

For acute conditions, such as flu-like symptoms or digestive concerns, homeopathic medicines may provide relief as quickly as the first appointment. Patients suffering from chronic conditions generally see results within the one to three months of treatment.

Is Homeopathic medicine safe for children?

Yes! Homeopathic medicines are safe for everyone while prescribed by licensed physicians. Homeopathy can be used for babies, expectant mothers, women, men, and seniors.

Albertans 💖 Dr. Keen

Reviews on Rate MDs are anonymous and do not show the name or location of the individual.

I gained control of my life through the
guidance and support of the Neurvana Team.

I continually struggled with main stream medicalcare trying resolve my issues from my Brain Injury,then a relative referred me to Corey at Neurvana.

I gained control of my life finally through the guidance and support of the Neurvana Team. Corey’s experience at identifying all weak links in recovery and providing a monitored treatment
protocol did more for me in a few months than my neurologist and family doctor did in 2.5 years. I’m not sure I would be here today if it weren’t for Corey’s sincere, genuine concern for my health.


Red Deer, AB

Thank you Neurvana Health!

Before I saw Corey and team at Neurvana Health I was struggling with irritability, loss of memory and concentration, fatigue, migraines, anxiety and vertigo from multiple concussions.

With the help of Neurofeedback and Corey’s support and advice I’m on my way to finding joy in my life. My memory and energy has improved and my anxiety has decreased.

Thank you for helping me get my quality of life back Corey, Nicole, Liz, Emily, Morgan and Carly!


Lethbridge, AB

The shaking inside stopped. [extended version]

We were rounding the home stretch to where it’s only about a block away, I still can’t believe that I hit a patch of ice…first thing that hit, was the back of my head…  I did have a headache at that point in time. Three weeks later they were still ongoing. Went to my general practitioner who said, you know, typically these things resolve themselves.

It continued along for a number of weeks and got progressively worse in terms of nausea, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision to the left, double vision to the left, inability to handle long conversations, light, any noise. My wife put a spoon down, I would come out of my skin. You’re exploding inside. You have to live in a dark basement. I did that for quite some time. The fact that I’m sitting here with the lights on and no sunglasses is a miracle to me. I never thought I’d see that again. Plus, my aversion to noise went away. The shaking inside stopped.


Calgary, AB

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