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Access to true healthcare shouldn’t be so mysterious. Our whole-body, personalized, investigative approach will target the cause of your symptoms, identify what protocol will work best for you, and alleviate your ailments by removing the root cause.



Anna is an Administrative Assistant for an oil and gas company. She has been struggling with symptoms for over a year which her family physician doesn’t seem to have an answer for. She has seen practitioners, chiropractors, massage therapists, and naturopaths, but none ever seem to provide her with a lasting way to feel better.

Anna takes a friend’s advice and schedules a call with Neurvana Health.

book a consult

Anna talks to Liz, a health adviser, and quickly realizes why the other stuff she was doing never quite solved the problem.

phone consultation

She decides to move forward and do an initial brain map with the qEEG device and a consultation with the practitioner.

become a client

Corey, the practitioner reviews Anna’s health history and interprets her EEG. He shows Anna how she has higher than normal theta and delta brain activity. Given the symptoms she has been experiencing, Anna is educated on what tests she should complete in order to pinpoint underlying cause(s).

explain examination

Anna pays for the tests with her credit card and takes the kits home to complete and ship with FedEx.


While the tests are being analyzed at the labs, Anna starts coming to Neurvana Health twice a week for neurofeedback training in order to get brain activity to normalize.

neurofeedback sessions

6 weeks later Anna is notified that the results are in and to schedule a time to meet Corey again.

Corey walks her through her lab results and the real reasons she doesn’t feel good and shows how the treatments she was doing before coming to Neurvana Health were completely missing the etiology, the true cause.

Anna breathes a huge sigh of relief and thinks to herself “it feels so good to finally understand exactly what is going on”. The obstacles ahead of her are not small but with Neurvana’s guidance she feels a renewed sense of optimism and love for life.

feeling better

Anna is given detailed instructions for which nutraceuticals to take and when, a dietary guide specifically for her, and lifestyle changes to improve her sleep, lower stress, and maximize her healing.

wellness plan

Over the course of 2 years Anna remains dedicated to following her protocols for neurofeedback, nutraceuticals and lifestyle. She sees Corey for follow up appointments once a month and gradually feels improvements in her quality of life.

Anna now leads a better life with less pain and more freedom.

recovered from health challenges

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