How IV Therapy Services in Calgary Can Help You Through A Chronic Condition

IV therapy works by introducing nutrients, chelating agents or drugs directly into the bloodstream through veins in the arms, chest, or leg. Nutrients include fats or lipids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other herbal extracts such as curcumin or artesunate. Compared to using oral formulations such as capsules, tablets, or liquids, using IV’s allows for rapid, enhanced absorption with higher dosages by surpassing the digestive system.

IV therapy safety is dependent on the substance being administered into the bloodstream. Some compounds are very safe while others require diligent supervision.

It is for people that require a higher dose therapy OR those who cannot absorb well due to poor digestive function.

The frequency and dosage are dependent on the goal of the IV therapy. If the goal is to simply raise nutrient levels or support detoxification it may only need to be used short-term on a weekly basis. If the goal is to eradicate infections, remove toxins such as heavy metals, or for cancer treatment then treatments may need to be several times per week for months at a time.

The therapy can offer superior absorption to supplements alone and may be required as part of your individual healing process.20

Improve Your Health with IV Therapy

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