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Frequently Asked Question About Laser Therapy

At your first appointment, your practitioner will take the time to do a physical examination and talk with you about your condition. Their goal is to understand you holistically; including the treatments you’ve tried in the past, your overall health goals, and the physiology of your injury or condition. From this, they’ll determine the frequency of your treatments, as well as how many treatments you’ll need to receive the results you want. The treatments themselves last about 30 minutes although this can vary depending on the size and the area(s) being treated. There is typically only a mild sensation with the treatments (if any at all). Some patients report a slight warm or tingling sensation.
No. You may feel a mild warming sensation where you are receiving the treatment. Most of our patients report mild or no sensation at all with the treatments.
Yes, but they are extremely rare with this therapy. Patients that are allergic or ultra-sensitive to light they may show signs of skin irritation for a few days. With chronic injuries or pain syndromes, there can be some aggravation post-treatment as the healing response occurs. This usually presents as a low-grade ache and only lasts a few hours after exposure; this can be treated by using an ice pack in the area that is affected for 3-5 minutes at a time.
Most treatments are around 30 minutes long, depending on the size and number of areas being treated.
This depends on the condition being treated and the individual. Acute conditions usually only require 1-6 treatments over a 1-2 week period. Chronic issues usually require 10-15 sessions over a longer time period. eg. twice a week treatment until the issue begins to improve, then it could change to once a week or every two weeks. One thing to note with some chronic conditions, like moderate to severe arthritis, you may need ongoing care periodically to alleviate any ongoing symptoms.
You may notice results as early as the first treatment (this is common with acute injuries such as sprains and strains). However, you will most likely feel improvement after 3-4 treatments. This is because the effects of laser therapy are cumulative and build over time. Book a discovery call today to see if Low-Level Laser therapy is right for you!