The Best Hidden Farmers’ Markets in Calgary

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Tired of getting your weekly shopping done at Sobeys or Costco? The local farmers’ market is jam-packed with delicious fruits and vegetables, fresh-baked goodies, and high-quality meats and poultry to fill your fridge. Plus, by cutting out the middleman, Albertan farmers receive more of our food dollars and local shoppers receive the freshest, most flavourful food in the area. 

Amongst all the hecticness this year has brought, it’s never been more important to shop small and to support local businesses. Today, I’m walking you through my favourite hidden farmers’ markets in Calgary, in hopes you’ll find a new favourite of your own. 

From artisan teas to home-grown harvests, take a look at what’s waiting for you at local Calgary farmers’ markets.

Farmers & Makers Market

Farmers & Makers Market is a small, not for profit authentic farmers’ market located in the heart of inner-city Calgary. Housed within the award-winning cSPACE King Edward arts and creative hub, the market spans an impressive four flours of locally-grown, hand-made, and home-baked foods, beverages, and artisan products. 

A view from the outside of the Famers and Makers Market.
A beautiful day at the Farmers & Makers Market! Source

Known as Calgary’s largest year-round, community-based farmers’ market, Farmers & Makers Market connects locals with everything from small-scale and sustainable growers to beekeepers and craft brewers and distillers. The joy in Farmers & Makers is the amazing craftspeople Calgary has to offer — and there’s never a shortage of fantastic products to try. In fact, you can stock up on responsible egg and meat products, comfort food, and delectable baked goods in just one trip.

Farmers & Makers Market can be found at 1721 29 Ave SW, conveniently situated at the convergence of Altadore, Bankview, Richmond, South Calgary/Marda Loop, and Upper Mount Royal; and just five minutes from major bus routes. The Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS) Board of Directors has closed the physical Farmers & Makers Market until the Outdoor Season of 2021, however, you can connect with local vendors through their website to have fresh, local products delivered right to your doorstep. 

Must-Have Products from Farmers & Makers Market

Be prepared to leave the Farmers & Makers Market with a ton of nutritious items. I always make sure to shop with Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms, Alberta’s only biodynamic and organic-certified farm. The folks at Blue Mountain offer fresh vegetables and culinary herbs, seasonal organic fruit, and delectable homemade jams and jellies. 

A variety of fungi found at the Farmers and Makers Market.
An awesome array of available fungi. Source

For beef products, I love Mitchell Bros. Beef, a third-generation, family-operated ranch specialising in 100 percent grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free Angus beef. Before I leave, I also stop by Red Fox Farms Fungi for my favourite mushrooms. Red Fox Farms offers locally and sustainably grown gourmet mushrooms perfect for hearty meals. 

Granary Road

If you tend to shop with small children or the whole family in tow, Granary Road Farmers’ Market is the place for you. An immersive shopping experience that combines locally-crafted products with rooftop dining, Granary Road is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can fill your basket, wander the area’s fascinating aquaponics center, and fill up on artisan pizza and brews.

Families and foodies alike will love Granary Road, and there’s always something new to see. In addition to permanent vendors, like Luc’s European Meats and Rooster’s Ice Cream, a carefully-selected blend of pop-up day vendors rotates each weekend. Soak in the best local produce and vendor assortments in the market’s breathtaking vaulted ceilings and monstrous 40-foot wall of windows. 

An outside view of the Granary Road Farmers' Market building.
Beautiful building home to the Granary Road Farmers’ Market. Source

Granary Road is located at 226066 112 St. W in De Winton, just 10 minutes south of Calgary. All visitors are welcome, though social distancing is required. Visitors can also safely dine on the patio, rooftop, or bar areas, as tables have been placed according to local guidelines.

Must-Have Products from Granary Road Farmers’ Market

My favourite aspect of Granary Road is Aquaponic Produce. For those who are unfamiliar, aquaponics combines aquaculture (the growing of fish and other aquatic animals) with hydroponics (the growing of plants in water) in one integrated system. Granary Road’s Aquaponic Produce allows shoppers to choose from a variety of herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables harvested fresh daily. 

A delicious brew from the Tea & Spice Shoppe. Source

Another great stop in Granary Road is Happy Belly Kombucha. One of my favorite vendors, Happy Belly sells hand-crafted local elixirs available in flavours like Strawberry Hibiscus, Love Potion, and even BOOZY Kombucha. During the chillier months, I adore the Tea & Spice Shoppe, which offers my favourite Canadian-sourced loose leaf tea and spices.

Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market

Last but certainly not least on my list of the best little-known farmers’ markets in Calgary is Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market, now Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens. The newest on the scene, Avenida opened their doors in December of 2018 and grew a loyal following through October of 2020. Today, Fresh & Local is happily serving customers in the same space in Avenida Village, still offering top-notch local products.

An interior look of the multiple vendors found at Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens.
A wide variety of products can be found at the market. Source

If you missed out on the Food Hall and Fresh Market, I urge you to explore the newly-revamped Fresh & Local. And if you were an avid-Avenida shopper, rest assured that your favourite vendors are still hard at work in Fresh & Local. Not to mention, long-awaited holiday gifts and catering options are now available for purchase.

You can stop by Fresh & Local at 12445 Lake Fraser Dr. SE. The farmers’ market is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Must-Have Products from Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens

When Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market was brought under new management, I was seriously concerned I would lose access to my preferred vendors. Fortunately, all of my go-to shops are still up and running — and you should head over there too! Start with Miss P’s Gluten Free, the best gluten-free breads, desserts, and perogies in Calgary. 

A group of orange float cupcakes.
Some tasty gluten-free orange float cupcakes! Source

Then, move onto Sunworks Farms for the bulk of your grocery list. Sunworks sells free-range chicken as well as grass-fed beef, pork, and fish. I normally finish my day at Primal Soup Company for a midday pick-me-up. They also sell great frozen soups that store excellently for the weeks ahead. 

Where Will You Shop for Health Food in Calgary? 

There you have it, the best hidden farmers’ markets in Calgary! I can’t wait for you to fill your baskets with the best local produce, hand-crafted goodies, and Albertan-bred products. Remember that if you’re on the hunt for the best nutritional food for your unique body type, you should always contact a holistic nutritionist in Calgary to formulate your ideal personalized nutrition plan.

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