COVID-19: How We Continue to Serve You

— BY Carly Burne | Reading Time: 4 min


As you may have heard, the province of Alberta (where we reside) has put into effect new measures that prohibit ‘non-essential’ businesses from operating in a face-to-face capacity — which includes Neurvana Health.

We are committed to flattening the spread of COVID-19 and right now it is unclear when we can return to doing in-office visits.

But, we’re not just going to leave you hanging.

If you are new here…

Welcome to Neurvana Health, our providers are ready to help you with what ever challenges you are currently facing.

Although we are limited in what we can offer, we have retooled our business to still be able to deliver you life-changing medical results remotely. Here is what you can expect with working with us during the COVID isolation period:

  • qEEG brain mapping is now occurring with kits being delivered to your door with instructions to follow. Your neurofeedback operator will be on a scheduled live call with you to walk you through getting the map collected.

  • Consultations and assessments will occur via video calls online or through a phone call. Our intake process can occur 100% online with very thorough questionnaires that will help the practitioner tailor e your protocol.

  • Test kits will be limited. We have concluded our in house blood draws until further notice. All other test kits can still be completed and we will mail or drop them off at your door.

  • Neurofeedback will continue but at a limited capacity until we can get some technical challenges worked out. Click here to see the section below titled Remote Neurofeedback for more details.

To get started simply schedule a call here or call Carly our client support manager at
(403) 453-8567.

Please note: Naturopathic doctor service providers working from our facilities are currently mandated not to see new clients at all, either in-person or from a remote capacity such as through phone or video calls. However, our integrative medicine practitioner Corey Deacon is still available for new clients. We understand that this may come as an inconvenience and if you have any remarks to share we encourage a friendly phone call to the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta at (403) 266-2446.

Existing Clients: How will this affect your care

Going forward all conversations with practitioners will be conducted via video call over the computer or by telephone until further notice.

Supplements orders can still be placed as usual. Our suppliers remain operational and orders will arrive at your door.

Test kits will be limited. We have concluded our in house blood draws until further notice. All other test kits can still be completed and we will mail or drop them off at your door.

We’re all in this together

Like most of our clients, you likely understand by now that COVID-19 affects those with underlying health problems most…

… and now (more than ever), it is critical to remain committed to improving your health.

However, COVID-19 has presented financial pressures as well which may constrict access to keeping up with your protocol.

Which is why we have been hard at work negotiating with vendors and reducing overhead so that we can pass the savings directly on to you to continue to ensure you’re doing as much as you can to get through your challenges and this time of uncertainty.

Effective immediately all products and services (with exception to test kits) will now be offered at a temporary COVID Relief Rate. Each of our suppliers are different but you can expect a reduction between 15% and 35% depending on the items.

Corey will also be reducing his rate from $250/hr to $200/hr until further notice.

We are working on providing lower rates for testing as well. However, since the spread between the US and Canadian dollar has widened, and nearly all our partner labs are in the US, we have already seen a drastic increase in cost to deliver testing. Rather than increasing our rates we have decided to keep them where they are.

Remote Neurofeedback

Providing neurofeedback remotely has presented the hardest challenges. However, we have come up with a solution and are continuing to perfect it.

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to train heart rate variability and single channel neurofeedback in the comfort of your own home while maintaining the consistency of twice weekly appointments remotely facilitated by Neurvana’s very own neurofeedback team.

That’s right, this means you can do neurofeedback in real time with your favorite tech and IS NOT a do it yourself approach.

You will continue with hour-long appointments, bookable through the MDHQ portal or by calling our client support team.

We have assembled all the equipment you need into a neat little kit. These remote kits are available for curb-side pick up at our office or by delivery to your doorstep. All the instructions will be provided and getting started will be made as easy as possible. If you get stuck your tech can help you out.

How it works

The current system in the remote neurofeedback kit is called Myndlift. It’s important to bear in mind it isn’t as robust as the neurofeedback we can offer at our office. However, we are working night and day to deliver the same in office quality to you from the convenience of your home. More updates on that in the near future.

Since this is new territory for us and we are working to perfect the process there will be some wrinkles to iron out. For this reason as well as to help with financial pressures from COVID the following changes to neurofeedback rates have occurred:

If you are an existing client and ARE in the middle of a neurofeedback protocol

  • We will double the number of existing sessions you have left at no additional charge to account for the limitations of our remote program

If you are an existing client but NOT currently in the middle of a neurofeedback package and wish to take advantage of our remote neurofeedback program

  • You can get access to twice-weekly technician facilitated remote appointments, a monthly qEEG, monthly Heart Rate Variability Assessment and one 30 min review session with Corey by video call

  • The investment is $750 for all 10 of the above mentioned appointments

  • A 25% temporary rate reduction off our regular monthly neurofeedback program

Claim your remote neurofeedback kit

We are currently only offering this to people within Alberta and the number of kits are limited to just 12 — but we’re working to have more soon. For now it is a first come first serve basis.

To request your remote neurofeedback kit just click the button below and follow the simple instructions or call (403) 453-8567 during business hours.