We Have a Cool New Naturopathic Doctor

— BY Carly Burne | Reading Time: < 1 min


I have some exciting news to share with you today! 

We are strong believers in the law of diminishing returns and there is only so much Corey can do before he is spread too thin and the quality and attention that you deserve begins to go down.

That’s why we have been busy laying the groundwork for the last 12 months to expand our abilities to serve you and we have taken the first step in that direction.

With having said that I’d like to ask you to please put your *virtual* hands together 👏 and help me welcome our newest practitioner Dr. Lisa Keen 🎉

Dr Lisa Keen Naturopath Calgary Alberta

Dr Keen is a seasoned Naturopathic Doctor with over 10 years experience. Her Rate MDs profile is the third highest rank for top Naturopath in Calgary with 74 solid 5 star reviews.

Dr Keen’s values very closely align with that of Neurvana Health’s and so she was a natural choice (pun intended) for the next addition to the growing Neurvana family.

Dr. Keen has experience with neurofeedback and qEEG technologies from early days in her career and she is excited to get back into utilizing the technology to deliver better outcomes for her clients.  Click here to read more about Dr Keen.

With the current COVID19 ban Dr Keen is unfortunately not able to see new clients, even through video calls (real bummer). However if you are interested in working with her in the near future you can click the button below to reserve a spot to work with Dr Keen when the COVID measures are lifted.

Work with Dr. Keen

Find out if Dr. Keen is the right person to get you the results you’re looking for by visiting her profile and booking a complimentary 30 minute phone consult.