Getting The Full Picture With Medical Lab Testing

BY Carly Deacon

Posted on , Reading Time: 2 min

Laboratory assessments and testing are a very important piece of the functional medicine puzzle. We follow an approach of “test, don’t guess” when it comes to determining the underlying cause of your symptoms or condition.

The conventional paradigm in medicine uses the “Let’s wait and take a look at things down the road. If you develop a serious disease, we will intervene with surgery, medication or both.” The functional medicine paradigm is “Let’s be proactive to prevent serious conditions and diseases from occurring in the first place.” When we use quantifiable measurements through functional testing, we can catch areas of concern quickly, and remove the causes before the issues become chronic, making them expensive and more difficult to deal with.

Which tests are right for you

The type of testing we recommend changes depending on each individual and what we need to identify or uncover for their particular issues. We start with having a new client fill out several pages of paperwork. This includes a comprehensive intake questionnaire regarding health history, symptoms, environmental factors, current lifestyle, childhood history, nutrition assessment, and food log. We will also look at your previous medical history and results, including bloodwork, urinalysis, imaging like CT’s or MRI’s, and any other pertinent medical information.

We use qEEG brain mapping as our “North Star” to determine areas in the brain experiencing dysfunction. This brain map gives our clinician incredible insight of where your particular dysfunction could be stemming from in the body and helps guide each step through all stages of your health protocol. We can determine if the brain is being affected by an inflammatory issue, metabolic problems, hormonal dysregulation, physical or emotional trauma, gut imbalances, and many other factors.

The process is simple

During your initial intake with our practitioner we will spend time discussing your health goals, chief complaints, what you’d like to accomplish working with us, what you have tried so far, what’s worked or hasn’t worked, and make recommendations based on your answers to all the above.

Once we’ve determined the course of action for you, we will use a combination of testing. Important tests we use include gastrointestinal (or GI) mapping, comprehensive stool analysis, organic acids, methylation, neurotransmitters, adrenal hormones, nutritional markers and nutrient status, genetic analysis, immunological testing, environmental toxins and exposure, and mould or biotoxin testing, among others.

We can typically expect results from laboratories within 7-21 days depending on the length of the lab queue. Once we receive results, our office will schedule you a consultation with our clinician to review the results and create a targeted protocol specific to your needs and results. This protocol may include supplementation, lifestyle changes, nutritional planning, or other interventions if needed.