Andrea Roukema


Andrea Roukema has worked as our Phlebotomist since 2021. Before she joined our team here at Neurvana, she was working alongside a Cancer Research Team performing clinical trials for Pharma.

Andrea originally went to University to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, but later discovered that she wanted to pursue healthcare instead. Nevertheless, Andrea still has a strong passion for the Theatre and storytelling. When not at work Andrea enjoys her home with her family and can be found perched on the side of a sports field or gym watching one of her three sons or off exploring the mountains with her dogs.

When it comes to her work, Andrea loves being part of a healthcare team that treats the root causes of illnesses and not just the symptoms. The body is extraordinary and has an incredible ability to heal itself if given what it needs. She loves “seeing people get better, not just their symptoms, but mind, body, and spirit.” For her, “coming into work and hearing stories of people getting well once and for all, and playing even a tiny part in that story, is humbling.”