Kayla Adam

Chief Revenue Officer

Kayla Adam Content Marketing Manager

    Kayla Adam is responsible for the planning, developing and promoting of all of Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine’s content online and offline. Before Kayla joined the team, Neurvana struggled in reaching it’s ideal clients and communicating with them in a way that they could understand.

    In fact, she is very likely the reason you are on this website, reading this page right now.

    Her way of putting complex medical speak into easy to understand terms and get it noticed is the key driver in allowing us to become the first medical providers you turn to versus the last resort that you heard about from your cousin.

    She is extremely involved in every aspect of the company from coordinating events to filming and producing case studies of our happy clients, and works almost exclusively from home. When you do see her it is always with a smile, happy to be making a difference in people’s lives.


    Kayla offers a unique perspective from her experience working 2 years at FYI Doctors (Canada’s largest Eye-care provider) as a front-line receptionist. Having met the CEO and many of the management staff she brings insight in Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine that has and continues to shape the company for the better.

    Kayla holds a certificate in Customer Success Management from Gainsight University. Customer Success is a very new field that focuses on the client’s experience after the sale and ensuring that they are successful with the product or service and have a higher chance of getting the results they are after.

    Kayla had the opportunity to put those skills into practice in 2018 while working for the large tech company 1password. She is a key driver behind Neurvana’s policy of “Marketing is operations and operations is marketing” and ensuring that policy permeates the fabric of the company in every interaction, especially online.

    Outside of work

    To unwind Kayla enjoys going for walks on the many paths near her around the bird sanctuary and watching different television shows. She is also an avid cooker and enjoys growing vegetables, just like back on her family farm.