Melissa Thompson

Patient Care Coordinator

Melissa Thompson has been our Patient Care Coordinator since 2021. Prior to working at Neurvana, she studied Communications in college and then became fully engaged in makeup artistry and skincare for over a decade. Even though she was self-taught in artistry, she found herself working in educational roles with some wonderful companies!

During this time, Melissa loved making connections with all kinds of individuals and being able to restore or inspire confidence – “It was about enhancing what they already had, never masking it! I still keep in touch with many friends retained through the industry today.”

Melissa also adds that throughout her youth, she was incredibly shy; stating that, “through working with individuals and pushing myself, I have come a long way.”

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys drawing, painting, and spending time in nature; usually with her partner or friends. Her true loves include animals, especially a cat called Mika, and music.

When it comes to what she likes the most about working at Neurvana, Melissa states, “There are many variables, though it really comes down to the people. The individuals I have the opportunity to meet and work alongside are incredibly inspiring. I love seeing our clients overcome their health challenges, and regain control of their lives.”