Dr. Alexandra Smith, ND

Naturopathic Doctor With A Focus On Woman's Hormones

Dr. Alexandra Smith, Naturopath

    Dr. Alexandra Smith is a Naturopathic Doctor committed to identifying the root cause of each patient’s health concerns. Through proper diagnosis and sustainable treatment options, Dr. Smith, ND empowers her patients to regain control over their health and improve their quality of life. 

    Dr. Smith, ND primarily focuses her practice on female health concerns such as infertility, hormone dysregulation, and menopause.


    …I am feeling significantly better and have full confidence that my health will continue on an upward trajectory.

    “After searching for several years to find a doctor who could help me address my on-going symptoms, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Smith in 2019. Dr. Smith is thorough, kind, attentive, and very knowledgeable. In less than a year, I am feeling significantly better and have full confidence that my health will continue on an upward trajectory. I highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who has been unsatisfied with other modes of healthcare.”

    ~ Katrina A., Patient


    Why Naturopathic Medicine?

    Dr. Smith’s interest in naturopathic medicine stemmed from a visit to a naturopath herself for her own chronic health concerns.

    “I was 22 years old when I first discovered naturopathic medicine.

    I had just graduated from the University of Arizona and had left behind my identity of being a high-level soccer player. Despite being a high-level athlete and fit for competition, I was deeply unhealthy.

    By looking at me, you would have noticed that I was strong, but also riddled with acne, anxious and carrying extra weight around my abdomen. Internally my guts were not happy. I was plagued with constipation, bloating and an upset stomach which made social events really challenging because I was always looking for a bathroom. My family was always extremely healthy, we ate really well, exercised, had good connections but I was not thriving.

    Two years earlier, I had decided to go to my medical doctor to discuss my health concerns. At this time, my acne and how I presented myself to the world were my top priority so this is where we started.

    I was offered the birth control pill, which made me feel absolutely insane. I was snapping at everyone around me, couldn’t control my emotions and felt like I was a train wreck.

    This was not sustainable and I quickly discontinued it.

    I was also given a topical antibiotic cream that dried my skin out and did not help the acne one bit. I was referred to a dermatologist, who took months to get in with.

    I was hopeful that this appointment would help shed light on why my acne was happening. The dermatologist was in and out within 5 minutes, did not even come close to me to have a look at my acne and prescribed me oral antibiotics for 6 months and a stronger topical cream which made my dry skin even worse.

    My 6 month antibiotic course turned in to a year, and then 18 months as my acne was no better, I really didn’t know any better about long term antibiotics and the havoc this was causing to my gut, but not a coincidence that after University my gut was ruined and plaguing me as I mentioned above.

    No one ran blood work to try to look internally as to why the acne was happening, I had the classic hormonal distribution along the jaw line, some on my back and chest as well, but was any hormone panel ever recommended? Nope.

    I graduated with a physiology degree and was deciding what I might want to do next. Physiology was such a fun program, but it doesn’t really have a career after, it’s a launching pad for healthcare. My mom had sent a naturopathic clinic in Calgary saying I should maybe explore this area, which seemed aligned with my values. So I set up a meeting with a practicing ND to see what it was all about.

    I was blown away.

    A whole hour with patients to discuss their health concerns, helping the body naturally return to balance, just WOW!  I decided this is what I needed to get better on my health journey as well as potentially what I wanted to do with my life.

    My first appointment was eye-opening, we discussed my gut health for a good 20 minutes, something I’d never really told anyone about. Next was hormones, my mood, my skin changes, how much sleep I was getting, was I exercising and what was I putting into my body on a daily basis.

    Then we did targeted testing to determine the underlying cause of my symptoms and I was not offered quick solutions to mask the symptoms, this was eye-opening.

    It was an approach that worked with my body, not against it. We did focused testing to determine my underlying gut concerns and hormonal imbalances. Then we used targeted therapies to help eradicate my gut dysbiosis and balance my hormones, specifically by promoting detoxification through my liver.

    It was amazing!

    I noticed positive results within a month, symptom eradication in 3 months and we started a long-term maintenance protocol working with my diet and lifestyle so these problems didn’t return.

    A year later, I started my journey at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine to become a naturopathic doctor so I could help women like me find answers and return to optimal health so they can put their best selves out in the world.”

    Conditions Dr. Smith, ND Treats

    With a robust knowledge of physiology and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Smith, ND treats a range of health conditions including:

    Additional Services Offered by Dr. Smith, ND

    Dr. Smith, ND is highly skilled in a variety of naturopathic services, including:

    Getting Personal with Dr. Smith, ND

    Dr. Smith, ND is fluent in French and speaks it often at home with her partner, Clément. She loves working with her French-speaking patients and welcomes them to communicate in French with her, though she does sometimes have to respond in English for more technical medical terminology.

    A Calgary native, when Dr. Smith, ND isn’t with her patients, you can find her in the mountains with Clément. In the summer she’s busy trail running and mountain biking, and in the winter she’s hitting the slopes backcountry and cross-country skiing. When she’s not in motion, you can catch her at the side of the river fly-fishing or reading a good book.

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