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Access to true healthcare shouldn’t be so mysterious. Our whole-body, personalized approach will target the cause of your symptoms, identify what protocol will work best for you, and deliver lasting health by removing the root cause.



Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is based on the powerful idea of conquering and preventing chronic illness by addressing the root cause. Unlike conventional medicine or other naturopathic approaches, which focus on treating only symptoms (whether with pharmaceuticals or with herbals/supplements), functional science uses nutraceuticals, dietary and lifestyle changes to overcome the environmental, emotional, genetic, and lifestyle factors that cause chronic illnesses.

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qEEG Brain Mapping

Quantitative electroencephalogram (aka qEEG) is a non-invasive technology that evaluates brain function based on electrical activity and communication between different hubs and networks of the brain. It provides a snapshot of how your brain is working and provides a map that leads toward the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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neurofeedback calgary


Often times symptoms appears as the outward expression of the brain not performing at it’s best. Neurofeedback is is a process of training the brain to work like it should. It works by “feeding back” sensory information (auditory, tactile, visual) based on the performance of the brain in real time.

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bioindividual nutrition

Bioindividual Nutrition®

Bioindividual Nutrition® is the application of specific eating habits customized to the unique needs of the person. It goes beyond a whole food or even a gluten free diet to address the cause of chronic symptoms.

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Our toolbox


Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade nutrients. In layman’s terms they are exceptionally high quality supplements. Through functional medicine we see either something in excess or deficiency, and it never means a deficiency of pharmaceuticals. Although pharmaceuticals have there place, we see far greater results with high quality natural plant and mineral derived products.

lab testing

We work with some of the most advanced labs in the world and over the years we have developed subtle yet profound techniques which improve the accuracy of results. Some of our clients have even done the exact same tests elsewhere but didn’t find the underlying cause until working with us.

iv therapy calgary

IV nutrient therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in doses not achievable by oral consumption. IV therapy resources your whole body at the cellular level to regenerate and recover to optimal cellular function. Dis-ease occurs at the cellular level, making IV therapy an effective way to restore function to your entire body.