Lyme isn’t that scary…

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As it turned out I had multiple things occurring including a coinfection of Lyme, mold toxicity, staph infection and physical and emotional trauma. They took my journey and turned it into a simple to follow process. The plan is 100% tailored to me, my conditions, and my dna and Corey is takes all that complex stuff and makes it incredibly easy to understand and incredibly easy to trust in him and know that we are heading in the right direction. So far I have been doing a rigorous supplement protocol that gets updated every few months as the conditions change, along with Neurofeedback which has made a massive difference in how I experience symptos as well as in how well I can think, sleep and react emotionally. on top of that they had me adopt many lifestyle habit changes including eating, which wen’t way beyond what any other naturopath has ever suggested to me such as “remove corn, soy, dairy, wheat” the standard stuff. They actually look at your body type and what foods are right for you, not some blanket statement that is mass marketed. For me it was to avoid salicylates which I never even knew was a thing until their nutritionist Carly shared some information with me. It’s now been just over 1 year into working with them and I havn’t felt this good since i was 18. They are truly results driven and they don’t just advertise that as window dressing as so many other alt providers do.