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test tub with lyme typed on it

How to Find Out if You Have Lyme Disease (Plus Testing That Works)

Have you ever hid from something and it made you happier? Your 5-year-old child is playing hide and seek and having oh so much fun that you don’t want it to stop. Your mother-in-law stops by unannounced and you don’t want her to know you’re home. You just found out you are pregnant and you […]

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Lyme disease recovery in Calgary, AB

Becoming Her Own Health Advocate – A Lyme Disease Case Study

Pam’s biggest realization from working with Neurvana Health was “getting that diagnosis, to feel not-crazy.” Read on to find out how Pam finally got her diagnosis after 20 years. My name is Pam Purnell and I’m from Calgary, AB. I grew up in Central Alberta and I moved to Calgary for university. I work in […]

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Spruce Cliff Centre, Calgary, AB

Event on Lyme: Learn the Secret to Overcoming Lyme Disease

UPDATE: The event has now past and the recording of the event can be viewed below. Have you been feeling like a fraction of your normal self lately? Has it been a struggle to receive an accurate Lyme disease diagnosis, let alone a diagnosis of any kind? Neurvana Health is here to help. Join us […]

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