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Our Mission

To empower individuals to take control of their health through the fusion of cutting-edge assessments, empathetic guidance and integrative, evidence-based treatment protocols.

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Calling a naturopathic doctor is saving my life

I'm so thankful
I made the first call,
it is literally saving my life

“…at the beginning of my healing journey with Neurvana and have already seen more improvement than all the routes I’ve taken previously. I’m talking years of unanswered questions, years of unknown and years of pain…I am so thankful that I made that first phone call, it is literally saving my life!”

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Patient feeling sick and tired

Sick and tired
of feeling
sick and tired?

A licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) is trained to care for a range of symptoms and guide each patient to their healthiest, happiest form. Unlike traditional medicine, naturopathic medicine treats people, not diseases.

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Becoming Her Own Health Advocate - Pam's Story with Naturopathy

Many people who pursue naturopathic treatments report feeling more in tune with their bodies, experiencing fewer side effects than with conventional medications, and having a greater sense of overall well-being.

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How To Get Started

Neurvana is a Calgary-based naturopathy organization, home to a team of passionate professionals dedicated to holistic, patient-centric care. With practitioners versed in kinesiology, sports medicine, female hormone health, oncology support, and neuroscience, the team employs a range of treatments including acupuncture, IV therapy, and microbiome optimization. Their combined expertise, drawn from personal experiences and academic backgrounds, offers patients an integrated approach to health, aiming to unearth the root causes of ailments. Registered with CNDA and CAND, Neurvana stands as a beacon for those seeking natural pathways to wellness in Calgary. Book a call and let our team create your healing plan.


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telephone to book a call with the naturopathic clinicThe key to offering the best chance of improving your quality of life is to first know if we are truly the best people to help you. A trained staff member will get onto a 30 minute call* with you to better understand what you are experiencing.

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Identify the True Problem

Our naturopathic health clinic will help you identify the health issues your are havingYour Naturopathic Doctor or Functional Medicine Professional will thoroughly review your history as well as run specific tests they think are most appropriate to finding the etiology of your symptoms. These tests may include qEEG Brain Mapping, Hormonal testing, Sensitivity testing, Genetic testing, mold and mycotoxin testing, and other various private blood, urine, stool, hair and saliva testing.

Let's Do The Tests

Start your Protocol

The Neurvana team with create personalized healing solutions for youWith all the information at hand and the root cause of your symptoms revealed, your Naturopathic Doctor or Practitioner will carefully craft a personalized healing protocol based on time tested, proven principles.

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Neurvana Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners - View Complete Team

Dr. Amy Morrison, ND: Expert in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Holistic Health Solutions
Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners

Dr. Amy Morrison, ND

Naturopathic Doctor with a Focus on Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Dr. Amy Morrison is a Naturopathic Doctor who provides proactive solutions for persistent health problems. With innate knowledge of how the body’s many systems interconnect with one another — particularly the digestive and reproductive systems — Dr. Morrison strives to provide the answers her patients have not been able to find elsewhere in Calgary.

Liz Johnson, MSc Psych: Certified Trauma Coach with Focus in Developmental Trauma Healing
Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners
Certified Trauma Coach

Liz Johnson, MSc Psych

Certified Trauma Coach and Health Journey Guide

Liz Johnson, MSc Psych is a certified trauma coach who helps Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine clients navigate stress and negative emotions to aid in the overall health journey. She focuses in developmental trauma and helps patients unpack childhood experiences to better recognize and adjust current behavioural patterns that may be interrupting the path to healing.

Dr. Erik Nelson, ND: Leading Naturopathic Doctor Focusing in Pain Management and Men's Health
Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners

Dr. Erik Nelson, ND

Naturopathic Doctor With A Focus On Pain Management and Men's Health

Dr. Erik Nelson, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for empowered, personalized medicine. Serving the Calgary community from where he was born and raised, Dr. Nelson believes in patient-centred care grounded in results-driven medicine.

Dr. Alexandra Smith, ND: Expert in Women's Hormonal Health and Holistic Naturopathic Care
Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners

Dr. Alexandra Smith, ND

Naturopathic Doctor With A Focus on Women's Health and Hormones

Dr. Alexandra Smith is a Naturopathic Doctor who empowers women to become the best version of themselves. Through comprehensive diagnostic testing, Dr. Smith identifies the root cause of her patient’s health concerns. With detailed treatment plans, she strives to give each patient a fresh start at life — one free of painful chronic symptoms.

Dr. Ryan Best, ND: With a Focus in Integrative Cancer Treatments and Personalized Naturopathic Care
Naturopathic Doctors & Practitioners

Dr. Ryan Best, ND

Naturopathic Doctor With A Focus On Integrative Cancer Treatments

Dr. Ryan Best is a Naturopathic Doctor who combines a deep knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry with a wide array of treatment protocols to develop individualized approaches to therapy. With a robust understanding of various realms of healthcare, Dr. Best works alongside conventional care teams to generate a comprehensive treatment plan, no matter the condition.

Corey Deacon, CFMP, MSc, DNM: Trusted Functional Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Health Advocate
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Corey Deacon, CFMP, MSc, DNM® , BCN, FAARFM, ABAAHP, QEEG-D(cand.)

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner for Holistic Healing

Corey Deacon, CFMP, MSc, DNM® , BCN, FAARFM, ABAAHP, QEEG-D(cand.) is more than a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner — he’s a patient advocate who will listen to each symptom and every concern with the patience of a trusted friend. With an extensive knowledge bank of hands-on experience, Corey shares his confidence and capabilities to power an actionable change in your overall wellness.