Type: Executive Team

Victor Pidkowich Chief Executive Officer

Victor Pidkowich, Chief Executive Officer

Victor Pidkowich brings extensive business and marketing experience, having built and sold his first business in 2009. He then went on to help other local businesses as a consultant setup successful business systems and implement aggressive online marketing and advertising initiatives from 2010 to 2018. He has had the opportunity of learning from world class […]

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Carly Burne

Carly Burne is a co-founder at Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine and a Functional Health and Nutrition Coach. Her preferred area of study is functional and ancestral health, with specializations in individualized nutrition protocols. Carly was brought into the alternative health world by exploring ways to overcome her own personal health issues, and wanted to use these […]

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Kayla Adam Content Marketing Manager

Kayla Adam

Kayla Adam is responsible for the planning, developing and promoting of all of Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine’s content online and offline. Before Kayla joined the team, Neurvana struggled in reaching it’s ideal clients and communicating with them in a way that they could understand. In fact, she is very likely the reason you are on this […]

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