The Best Health Food Stores in Calgary, as Told By a Local Nutritionist

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Natural Food Store Calgary

Chances are, grocery shopping isn’t always the favourite item on your to-do list. Well, I’d like to change that.

Here at Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine, one of my greatest pleasures is inviting patients into the wonderful world of wholesome health food stores. From therapeutic herbs and funky fungi to organic home products, your local health food store is a mecca of better-for-you options right at your fingertips. 

Today, I’m walking you through some of my favourite health food stores in Calgary and Calgary. Plus, I’ll be sharing my go-to products that would make the perfect addition to your next shopping list. 

Let’s get started!

Light Cellar Superfoods

Nestled in the community of Bowness, Light Cellar Superfoods is my all-time favourite shop in Calgary. I like to describe Light Cellar as a health food boutique-meets-medicinal plant dispensary of the highest quality. Not only are the staff extremely knowledgeable on herbs, therapeutic fungi and plants of all kinds, but their craft elixir bar has an option for almost any ailment you could think of.

Elixir bar at Light Cellar in Bowness
The Elixir Bar at Light Cellar. Source

You can find just about anything at Light Cellar, from full-leaf herbal teas and housemade ferments like sauerkraut and kefir to foraged medicinal mushrooms like Chaga and reishi. Not to mention, its shelves are also stocked with luxurious, organic skin and body care products. Truly my only complaint is that there isn’t a Light Cellar location on every corner of the city! Until that dream is a reality, you can visit their location at 6531 Bowness Road NW Calgary.

Must-Have Products from Light Cellar

Though I love most Light Cellar products, my two must-haves are their coconut butter and Chaga mushrooms. Light Cellar coconut butter is stone-ground in-house over a 7 day period for the creamiest, smoothest coconut butter I’ve tried to date. A tablespoon blended in a hot tea or coffee creates a delicious, fat fuelled drink with zero caffeine crash!

Jar of house made Coconut Butter from Light Cellar
I’ll take 100 jars, please! Source

Chaga mushrooms are what I call the king of mushrooms, boasting one of the most potent plant-based forms of Superoxide Dismutase (an enzyme which breaks down free-radical oxygen species). Plus, Chaga is loaded with mast-cell stabilizing properties that can work wonders for those dealing with serious histamine and inflammatory issues. Steep into a tea for an elixir base or use in your smoothies—you won’t even taste it!

Amaranth Foods

Amaranth Foods is hands-down one of the best health food stores in Calgary. As a family-run organic and local food grocery store, Amaranth is my one-stop-shop for a range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples like BPA-free canned coconut milk. As an added bonus, you can also stock up on organic home products like clean laundry detergent and dish soap.

While these items are frequently overlooked as culprits in our overall toxic burden, the products we bring into our home play a massive role in cleaning up both our diets and lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a ton of high-quality options when it comes to cleaning products and personal care products at Amaranth: typically several aisles-worth!

Inside Amaranth Foods' Arbor Lake location
Amaranth Foods’ Arbor Lake location. Source.

With multiple Amaranth Foods locations in the city, you’re bound to be near one of their shops for a quick fridge top-up. Some locations do tend to be stocked up more than others, so feel free to frequent whichever store best fits your needs. You can visit Amaranth Foods in Arbour Lake at 7 Arbour Lake Drive NW, in Beltline at 1407 4th Street SW, and in South Trail Crossing at 5222 130 SE.

Must-Have Products from Amaranth Foods

I can’t rave enough about the All Clean Natural Cleaning Products sold at Amaranth. This local Calgary brand makes a range of squeaky-clean cleaning products like dish soap, hand soap, multi-purpose cleaner, and even floor cleaner. An essential oil base ensures you won’t be inhaling toxic chemicals while tidying up your home. The best part? They actually get the job done!

My other favourite natural product is the Primal Kitchen Mayo. The base of this mayo is avocado oil and free-range egg yolks, meaning you won’t risk exposure to inflammatory canola oils or other rancid fats. My go-to is the Chipotle Lime Mayo, which makes a great topping for roasted veggies or a grass-fed, lettuce-wrapped beef burger.

Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods is an organic grocery store that packs its shelves with locally-sourced produce, fish, meat, supplements, and personal care products. But what sets Community apart from other local health food stores is their deli. You can stop in and grab a quick lunch of Balsamic Roasted Veggies, Black Bean Enchiladas, and even Butter Chicken. If you are pressed for time, their salad bar has a plethora of options you can personalize to fit your nutritional plan.

It’s very easy to find myself loading the cart with clean, anti-inflammatory food options as they are truly boundless in Community. There are currently three Community Natural Foods shops in the city, including a location in Beltline at 1304 10 Ave SW, by the Chinook Mall at 02 61 Avenue S, and in Arbour Lake at 850 Crowfoot Crescent NW. Bear in mind, the 10th Ave location is the only store that offers a dine-in deli.

Must-Have Products from Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods bulk bins
I love their bulk bins! Source.

Community is my first stop for any pantry staple. They offer convenient bulk bins that allow you to stock up on necessities without worrying about bulky packaging—simply load what you need and go! Some of my favourites include their quinoa, millet, and lentils. When I’m prepping a tea or elixir, I’m also sure to grab their lavender flowers, which add a flavorful and medicinal punch.

Start Eating What’s Right for Your Body Type

Nutrition is essential—not just for your growth and development, but for your overall mental and physical health. While shopping for superfoods and similar wholesome produce is a fantastic start to your nutritional journey, it can be difficult to determine exactly what natural foods would benefit your unique body type. 

That’s where I come in! 

As a holistic nutritionist in Calgary, it’s my job to ensure you’re fueling your body with the most beneficial food for your unique physiology. Personalized nutrition plans are designed to meet your individual needs, as well as help you transition your diet as your needs evolve over time.

Interested in Nutrition Plans?

Do you want to start eating foods the supports your health but don’t know where to start? Book a complimentary, 30-minute consultation today to learn more about what a holistic nutrition plan can do for you