Do you take insurance?

Our services are typically not covered by insurance, as most companies have not caught up to our fast-moving industry. Many key concepts used in naturopathic medicine and Neurofeedback protocols are quite revolutionary, and are not widely accepted in the conventional medical model, which most insurance companies base their coverage from. The personalization of naturopathic medicine protocols also makes insurance coverage difficult, as there is no “x medication used for y diagnosis” in our model (which is usually how coverage with insurance is predicated on).

Do you accept international patients?

Yes we do. Our practitioners are available for appointments via phone or secure video call platforms which allow us to interact with individuals anywhere they have an internet connection. Laboratory test kits, supplements, and other recommended products can be couriered to your home address regardless of where you live. We encourage clients to visit our office for the first intake appointment, as we do require an in-person visit to obtain a qEEG brain map (which is a crucial piece of the integrative medicine puzzle) and will allow us to zero in on your root cause more efficiently.

Do you allow patients to have payment plans?

Yes. Most of what we do is based on easy to manage monthly payments that are custom tailored to your unique situation. However, there are certain things we simply cannot put into payment plans such as specialty lab testing since there is a direct cost to us to collect and analyze these with state-of-the-art 3rd party labs located primarily in the US and Europe. We also have financing options available which make payments much more forgiving. Please check our Rates and Policies Page.

Can my doctor test the same tests that you charge for privately?

Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not utilize research-based testing and although some testing can be done through a family doctor, many of the tests we look at cannot. Many tests are sent internationally as the availability in Canada is very limited.

Can you help with fertility issues?

Fertility issues and hormonal protocols are something we work with clients on everyday in our clinic. Naturopathic medicine is crucial when dealing with fertility issues as we need to use specific testing to identify your unique root cause(s), which will determine the best course of action. Once we assess these results, we can create a customized protocol using nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes, nutrition plans, and more to address and correct any underlying issues.

Do you work with cancer patients?

Yes. In fact many of our clients are cancer patients. We encourage you to watch some of the amazing stories from our clients with cancer on our testimonials page.

How long will it take to see improvements?

In many instances we are able to deliver noticeable results in a matter of weeks. However, real, lasting health takes time to achieve. When chronic conditions have developed over years, it may take years to correct them but in our experience the intelligence of the human body often speeds up the healing process.

The average duration someone with a chronic health condition might work with us for is 1-2 years or longer. For some this might sound like a lot but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself:

“Am I worth it?” and “Just how much do I want to feel better?”.

We hope you answer…
“Yes! I am worth it!”

Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate Neurofeedback?

There is no maximum age, however it is important that the participant be able to understand and comprehend what we are doing. As for minimum age, children as young as 2 years can take part in Neurofeedback, but for it to be effective, the participant must be able to sit still for most of the session and remain attentive and engaged in the training, which can be hard for very young children.

How long is each Neurofeedback session? Will that change over time?

Each session is structured the same, taking approximately an hour to complete. It may change over time depending on the client and their needs.

Will I feel anything during Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback affects people in different ways, with feelings that vary significantly. Some people will feel tired after a session and others will feel more alert. Most of the time, people feel tired, since Neurofeedback is like a work out for your brain – even though at the time you may feel like you aren’t even doing anything. Subconsciously, your brain is working hard. Some people get minor headaches. Some may feel overly emotional. Symptoms may be heightened for a few hours and last as long as a day or two or after the session, but this is an indicator that the training is working.

Why do we recommend multiple Neurofeedback sessions at a time?

It often takes multiple sessions before we see physiological changes in the brain maps or see improvement in symptoms. Neurofeedback is a slow process and your brain needs repetition and time to be able to integrate the changes, completing multiple sessions is a great place to start. Due to human individuality, every client is recommended a unique number of sessions and cannot be determined until an intake has been completed.

What about gaps in between Neurofeedback sessions?

Important changes can occur if a client does back to back training, but we recommend having a day or 2 in between training sessions to allow your brain to rest and integrate the shifts made during the training sessions.

Why do we reassess after a certain number of Neurofeedback sessions?

We reassess to be able to observe the progress you have made. We compare the new data to the initial data and from there on we create an updated protocol based off the changes we see. It is important that we are always monitoring the protocol. Depending on what changes have occurred in the maps, we may tweak the original protocol or create a new one based off the latest maps.

How many total Neurofeedback sessions will I need?

Since Neurofeedback is tailored uniquely to the individual, it varies for each person how many sessions they may need. Some individuals may only need 20 sessions where as others may need as many as 70 sessions. It will all depend on the severity of symptoms presented as well as response to sessions.

Are there any side effects of Neurofeedback?

Similar to most therapies, side effects may occur. However, not everyone notices any side effects after the session. These side effects may include (but not limited to) headache, mental or physical fatigue, temporary increase in severity of initial presenting symptoms. Often in Neurofeedback, the participant may experience moodiness or highly emotional responses due to the specific parts of the brain we are training. These are temporary changes that improve within 24-48 hours.

How often should I come for Neurofeedback?

We recommend coming in for training sessions 2 times per week, with a day in between each session. This can be tricky for client’s living out of town, but we have just introduced an alternative avenue to in-office appointments. It is remote Neurofeedback and the mobility allows you to complete your protocol from the comfort of your own home. Clients are able to train at home whenever they can. We create a protocol based on the results of the Neuroanalysis, teach you how to use the device and app, and following each training session we receive a report and make any changes to the protocol if needed.